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Greetings from your Kingdom Chatelaine,

First off, I’d like to say that your publicity efforts this season have really paid off: I’ve been overwhelmed this summer by e-mail inquiries about the SCA from the website inquiry form. These have been from all over the Kingdom (and a few confused folks from out-of-kingdom!). Many mention finding out about the SCA in their local newspaper, at a demo, or by meeting up with someone from the SCA at a local Ren Faire. Others say they heard about the SCA from a friend or relative. I write back to each one, giving them contact information for their local group, advice and resources for starting in the SCA, and specific answers to their questions. When these e-mailers show up at your local meetings, please welcome them warmly. And don’t stop recruiting—it’s paying off!

I’ve received questions about the pamphlet, “Welcome to the Current Middle Ages”, which was produced by the Barony of Windhaven a few years ago. This is an attractive four-fold color pamphlet with text by Mistress Siobhan Medhbh O’Roarke of the West Kingdom. While they used to be available through the Kingdom Fundraiser, they’ve now been transferred to me, and I’ve been mailing them out to Chatelaines or Seneschals as requested, 50 per group maximum. They are oldish, but not out-of-date, except for the word “Principality” and the number of Kingdoms. The possibility of having them updated and re-printed exists, and I am looking into it. In the meantime, I have approximately 700 left. Seneschals, check with your Chatelaines to see if your group has received a pack; if not, feel free to contact me to order some.

Last but not least: My time in this position grows short, and I am looking for someone to replace me as Kingdom Chatelaine. The ideal person for this position will have some experience being a group Chatelaine or demo coordinator. (S)he must also be a good communicator, enthusiastic about the SCA, and have regular access to/comfort with using e-mail.

This is not a time-heavy position—I estimate about 1-3 hours per week—and no, you do NOT have to go to Stallari meetings, as the Chatelaine in Northshield is a deputy of the Seneschal and not a Great Officer. The Kingdom Chatelaine leads discussions at Officers’ Day, moderates the Northshield Chatelaines e-mail list, assists local Chatelaines with their work, keeps records and collects reports, and (as noted above) answers inquiries off the Northshield webpage. It’s a fun job and I have loved working with Northshield’s Chatelaines!

Questions and letters of application should come to me (contact info in the back of this issue); applications are due to me by November 1, and I will be copying the Kingdom Seneschal with all applications. Transition time is negotiable; there will be some overlap time for the person to be my deputy, before they step into the position.

Keep smiling at newcomers—they need it!


Other missives from the Kingdom Chatelaine (KLO)
Posted by: Eliane Halevy Kingdom Chatelaine (KLO) on 10/1/2006

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