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How to Obtain a Martial Activities Card

Greetings Northshield Martial Community,

There have been many questions around how to get a Martial Activities Card (MAC), how to renew it, and how it is to be used. Hopefully this missive finds you well and is able to answer all the questions you may have on the subject.

First, some ground rules:

* Authorization paperwork and cards no longer need to be sent via physical mail. Everything is now being done via email. (If you are unable to electronically send your information, please contact the Clerk of the Roster for assistance.)

* You MUST HAVE a profile on the Northshield website in order to be issued a card. This is so we can track numbers of who is authorized in what styles and in what region. It also helps with having to reissue cards if the need arises. (If you are unable to create a profile, please contact the Clerk of the Roster or support@northshield.org for assistance.

* Your card is NOT available on the Northshield website. This is something that has been discussed and may be available in the future.

* Your profile on the website is NOT considered a valid form of proof of authorization at Northshield list tables. 

* You are the one responsible for getting your authorization form to the Clerk of the Roster. 

* It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of the expiration date on your card.

For first-time and additional authorizations:

1. Authorize

2. Take a photo or scan of your temporary authorization form and email it to cor@northshield.org

        a. In the subject line, please include your SCA/persona name. If you do not have one, your mundane name will be just fine.

        b. In the body, please list the following information:

                i. SCA name

                ii.Mundane name

                iii.Event you authorized at

                iv. Styles you authorized

                v. Link to your Northshield profile.  If you do not have a profile on the Northshield website, please create one. I am unable to issue you a MAC without it.


3. Send a signed copy of the Waiver and Informed Consent to Participate in SCA Martial Activities form along with your temporary authorization form.

4. After sending your authorizing information to the Clerk of the Roster, it may take up to 30 days to receive your card. If you have not received your card within the 30 days, please check your spam/junk folder to ensure it has not slipped through the cracks. If it is not there, here are your options:

a. Send another email with the same information to cor@northshield.org

b. Call the Clerk of the Roster at the phone number provided in their profile on the Northshield website (this option may vary depending on who is the Clerk of the Roster at the time).

c. Contact the person who was the Marshal in Charge at the event you authorized to see if they have received anything.

d. If ALL other options fail, contact the Kingdom Earl Marshal. This should be the very last step in getting your issue resolved and used ONLY if all other steps have been exhausted with no resolution.

5. Your card will be sent via email in a .JPEG or .PDF form to the address you sent the request from. PLEASE RETAIN THIS EMAIL FOR FUTURE USE. You can save the card to your phone for use at list tables or you can print it off to keep. Either form is accepted at the list tables within the Kingdom of Northshield. A SCREEN SHOT OF YOUR PROFILE IS NOT CONSIDERED PROPER IDENTIFICATION OF AUTHORIZATIONS AT NORTHSHIELD LIST TABLES. For out of Kingdom use, please check with their rules and regulations as to what is accepted.

For card renewals:

1. Please keep track of when your MAC expires. This is solely your responsibility and not one of the Clerk of the Roster or marshals.

2. Complete a new Waiver and Informed Consent to Participate in SCA Martial Activities form.

3. Send your request for renewal and completed form in an email to cor@northshield.org no less than 30 days from the date of the expiration listed on your card. This ensures that the Clerk of the Roster will have adequate time to fulfill the request.

4. If you do not receive your renewed card within 30 days, please refer to the above steps for resolution.

Thank you all for your continued participation and support for the Northshield Martial Community! If you have any questions regarding the process of receiving your Martial Activities Card, please feel free to contact the Clerk of the Roster at cor@northshield.org.

In Service to the Kingdom and the dream,

Baroness Gaia Aurelia 

Kingdom of Northshield, Clerk of the Roster

Posted by: Gaia Aurelia Clerk of the Roster on 2/26/2020

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