HE Dugall Ailean mac-'ic Lathurna HE Dugall Ailean mac-'ic Lathurna

Minutes from 06-01-2002 - Castle Feaver

June 1, 2002 at Castle Fever
In the Shire of Silfren Mere

In Attendance: HSH Kitakaze Raito, (Neil Gilmore) Prince of Northshield, THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger) Principality Seneschal, Lady Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth (Jennifer McNitt) Principality Exchequer, THL VladimirVolcovich Syehvmielesov (Harry Kathan) Principality Earl Marshal, Mistress Liadan na Caimron (Barbara England) Principality MoAS, and Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barb Coenen) Principality Chronicler.

Guests: THL Marwen de la Rivere, KEG Chair

Minutes: Baroness Marisela

I. Minutes – Moved, Seconded and Approved.

II. KEG Report

A. Marwen: The KEG is making sure that Rodrigo publishes the timeline to show the bid presentation at Coronet.

B. Caradoc is publishing the laws issue via multiple media to make it accessible for discussion. This seems to be a real hot issue with people. His intention is to prepare the intent of the laws in a non-legalese version for people to better understand them.

C. Several e-mails have been exchanged with the Middle Kingdom Seneschal regarding the bid logistics.

D. KEG activities are being planned for WW. A meeting is planned to present the draft of the bid and requesting comments. HSH Raito set a deadline of August 1st to get peoples response.

E. Vlad asked about whether the choosing of the Kingdom Earl Marshall would be under laws. His concern is that an earl marshal that isn't an armored marshal such as an archery marshal could become the Earl Marshal.

F. There has also been contact with Lochlac to get a copy of their bid.

G. Gwen and Marwen will be discussing the financial policy.

H. General discussion of what needs to be contained in the bid.

Marwen then left the meeting.

III. Old Business

A. Armorgeddon – no bid has been presented

B. Quest

1. Somewhere between $1100 and $1600 will go to the Principality resulting from amount taken at gate, less expenses times 50 percent. Quest had 260-280 people in attendance.

C. Coronet – the site has been approved by the Heirs

IV. New Business

A. Windhaven is facing some challenges with their seneschal.

B. Tor Aerie – see attached report from Nordskogen seneschal.

1. The MOAS is Gwen’s primary contact and has done a lot of the research work. The MoAS has been working with several others though including the group's new exchequer and seneschal along with the exchequer, seneschal, and Baron/Baroness from Nordskogen.

2. It is possible the police will be brought in or some legal recovery method may be attempted.

3. Nordskogen feels that the money was taken.

4. General discussion of options.

5. Gwen will work with Nordskogen to get this resolved. The person being held accountable has just moved. Gwen will write a certified letter and discuss with this person the options available.


A. Curia

1. Financial Policy

a) The financial policy was brought up at the end of the last Curia. If was rejected. HSH did not wish to report on the Curia's actions prior to seeing the minutes, as he was unsure what the outcome was.

b) The current feeling of Curia is that we don’t need this type of policy as the Middle Kingdom is there for us to fall back on if we need to. The feeling was that we don't need this in >Law<, as any exchequer who feels funny about writing checks always has a higher authority to appeal to (in the case of Principality, Kingdom. In the case of Kingdom, Board).

2. Stipends

a) Kingdom has increased the amount given to Their Highnesses and the Heirs by $100.

B. Principality Awards – see excel spreadsheet attached

1. Still looking for a name for the Youth Award. Suggestions have been made and rejected. Will seek other ideas.

2. Many awards haven’t been submitted or re-submitted after they were rejected.

3. We have the minimum amount of required heraldry.

4. Need to get the populace badge registered.

5. Need to get suggestions from the populace. There hasn’t been much response to the awards survey on the KEG website.

C. Kingdom Support – Middle Kingdom wants us to become a Kingdom if that  is what we want. Reporting is still a big issue.

D. Stallari Council provided copies of how their officers area reporting to TSH. Vlad made mention that event reporting is really bad and that he only has about 50% of the reports even after nagging.

VI. LLH – No report

VII. Seneschal

A. Reporting – have only received 13 reports out of 34 groups.

B. Seneschal list for publication – Owen will monitor a database of seneschals that everyone will contribute updates to. That way, to get an up to the minute copy of who is who, Owen will be the single source. He is also going to offer labels for mailing at a nominal cost.

C. Replacement for Deputy Seneschal for Events. This decision will be up to Fiskr as this will be his deputy. Discussing using regional seneschals the same way as this position so that they are the source for information on Principality events.

VIII. Chirurgeon

A. Replacement – Lady Eleanore will be her replacement as the next Principality Chirurgeon.

B. Reports –

1. We had a loss of chirurgeons in the last two years for various reasons, moving, certification not up to date etc.

2. Hoping that at least 3 of the apprentices will get advanced this  summer.

IX. Exchequer

A. Report

1. Changing her reporting to the way it is done in Nordskogen

2. Raito: How much is of the Principality funds are uncommitted – not including the endowment fund? About $13,000.

B. Raffles in North Dakota are not allowed

C. Discussion on Principality raffles, fund raising and fund raising coordinator. The fundraiser will be contacted regarding fund raising at WW.

The meeting was interrupted when the tent above lifted off the ground and injured Lewina and Gwen. It resumed after all injuries had been taken care of.


A. Report

1. Fina left the office with a new basic MoAS handbook. Liadan will be working with Lady Brigid of Shattentor to continue its development.

XI. Marshal

A. Report – the problem is still reporting, especially event reporting.

B. Still some problems with the fighter’s practices being held in Mare Amethystinum.

XII. Herald – see minutes above

XIII. Next meetings

A. Saturday at WW

B. After Pennsic, probably at Armorgeddon.

Posted by: Fiskr Hammondson Council Secretary (KLO) on 6/1/2002

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