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Minutes from 4/9/2011 - Spring Coronation



Morgan Olander

Jayson Chapman

King of Northshield


Lusche della Cassagio

Chantal St. Claire

Queen of Northshield




Prince of Northshield




Princess of Northshield


Marwen de la Riviere

Gretchen Burnham



Rodrigo de Montoya

Chris Lords



Gunther KegSlayer

Arthur Miller

Earl Marshal – outgoing


Stephen du Bois

Steven Ward

Earl Marshal – incoming


Elashava bas Riva

Sue Gilbert



Anplica Fiore

Rachel Gray

Polaris Herald


Sorcha inghean Maille

Jonya Pacey

Minister of Arts & Sciences


Fiona the Younger

Lyn Andreasen



Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan

Ross Quinn-Davis

Law Clerk


Guenevre du Dragon Vert

Jennifer Carlson

Guest Council Secretary


I. Earl Marshal  

  • Kegslayer introduced HE Shephen, his successor.  

  • Changeover will occur at Crown Tournament. 

  • Kegslayer will be the Marshal in Charge for Crown Tournament; Stephen will send in the tourney tree, etc.

II. Their Majesties 

  • TRMs prefer email contact over phone, as both are early risers and calls in the evening will usually go to their voicemail, although please call for true emergencies.

  • TRMs indicated that there will be a Stallari Meeting after Crown, wherein major items of business can be discussed; but please bring up topics first online to provide any background information, etc.

III. Exchequer

  • Mistig Waetru is currently without an exchequer, and is in suspension.  A previous exchequer will step in to fill in paperwork, as the replacement will not be able to take the position for a few weeks due to modern employment.  In the meantime, Rigo spoke with the Society Exchequer regarding the Mistig Waetru event in two weeks.  Desiring to permit the event to occur, it was decided that if a "seasoned" exchequer could cover the event, this would be acceptable.  However, this would not be the Skerjastrond exchequer, because...

  • Rodrigo reported that the Skerjastrond seneschal accepted funds from a Renaissance Faire on behalf of the group and deposited the funds into her personal bank account.  This is why the group cannot "mentor" Mistig Waetru for their upcoming event.  His Majesty inquired if this issue went through the Seneschallate? Both Marwen and Rigo indicated this was not the case.  Marwen clarified that the Regional Seneschal was not aware of the situation, but is now moving proactively on it.

IV. Seneschal

  • Law Clerk there are three applicants for the Law Clerk position: HE Aesa, HE Grimmund, and HG Fina. Their Majesies and the council discussed the merits of the candidates.  Marwen will follow up with HG Fina.
  • Multiple applicants for the Council Secretary position:  Their Majesties and the council discussed the merits of the candidates.  (Note: following the Stallari meeting, and based on additional information gathered, Marwen asked both HE Aesa and Lady Tatiana to be Co-Secretaries)

  • Border Downs policy discussions are being resolved satisfactorily. 

Posted by: Guenievre du Dragon Vert Council Secretary (KLO) on 4/9/2011

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