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February Missive


This month I am formally starting the process of looking for a successor. You can go to the Seneschal office on the Northshield website to find a formal job description. But let me give you my informal thoughts about the job.

You serve the Society of the SCA. You serve the Kingdom of Northshield. You serve the Crown, and most of all you serve the populace.

You’ll find people older in years and experience asking you for advice. Groups will come to you to solve interpersonal problems. You are a guide to keep people from breaking Society rules. You are a cheerleader for the members. A thank you or public praise has more weight coming from “THE SENESCHAL” than it did when you were simply Lady Susie Q or Lord John Doe.

On a personal level, you may find that you have to put aside your “fun” things at events. Unless, of course, you enjoy five hours of meetings back to back!

But at the end of the day, if you do well, you have the pleasure of knowing that you did what was needed to help maintain and make better “the dream” we call the SCA for hundreds of people.

The successful applicant will serve as my deputy until I step down on September 12th. You will be involved with all decisionmaking and meetings so that you can get first-hand knowledge of the job.

We are accepting applications until February 15th. The goal is to have the Stallari review them so that the Crown can announce their decision by Coronation.

Send questions and applications to TRM, TRH, and Seneschal at Northshield.org. Your application should include a brief mundane and SCA resume with an emphasis on how it relates to the job.

Please also include your vision for the office, how your personality and people skills fit the role, and two or three references for your SCA experience.


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Posted by: Ealdred of Malmesbury Kingdom Seneschal on 1/14/2020

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