Corin du Soliel as king of the Midrealm at Pennsic 14 with two of his squires (Aylmar de North Allerton.and Grendalad who would become Danr) Corin du Soliel as king of the Midrealm at Pennsic 14 with two of his squires (Aylmar de North Allerton.and Grendalad who would become Danr)

NARF - Northshield Archery Resource Files

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    (All articles are provided in PDF format for compatibility
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Resources for Beginning Archers
  • Beginning archery - Robin Kyrke   (PDF)
  • Basic information on the Crossbow - Paul Wickenden of Thanet  (PDF)
  • SCA target archery 101 - Manigarm the Scythian   (PDF)
  • The New Archer's Guide to Selecting A Bow - Moira nic Connell (PDF)
  • What to look for when buying arrows/How to inspect arrows
  • Types of bows
  • Archery Terms
  • FAQ for beginning archers
  • Supply sites - vendors who carry archery supplies
  • Release styles and Techniques

Resources for Marshals
  • How to run a shoot
  • Recommendations for Youth Archery - Jois Corbet   (PDF)
  • How to train your MiT - What every MiT needs to know, and how to help them learn it - Jois Corbet   (PDF)
  • Bad to the Bow - Examples of failed equipment - Manigarm the Scythian   (PDF)
  • What to put in your range box - commonly needed supplies
  • Reporting - when and how to do so - Jois Corbet   (PDF)
Scored Competitions
Novelty Shoot Descriptions
  • Eustacia's Hunting Shoot - Fill the Queen's Larders
  • Niklaus' Boar Shoot - How to build a moving boar target   (PDF)
  • Naughts and Crosses - Manigarm the Scythian   (PDF)
  • Ragar's Archer Duels - Ragar Ravens Friend   (PDF)
  • Scythian Torchlight Shoot - Manigarm the Scythian   (PDF)
  • Token Shoots - Manigarm the Scythian   (PDF)
  Crafts Related to Archery & "How to" Documents
  • How to Make a Bowstringer - Moira nicConnell the Strongbow   (PDF)
  • How to make a Flemish bowstring - Toussaint de Caluwé and Jois Corbet   (PDF)
  • Hows to Make a Quiver That Works - Moira nicConnell the Strongbow   (PDF)
  • Making An Archer's Glove - Moira nicConnell the Strongbow   (PDF)
  • How to make a modern target butt (many different styles would be nice)
  • Fletching (arrowmaking) basics
  • How to make a bow
  • People with Skills - a listing of who in Northshield makes what, and how to contact them/where and when they may teach their arts.
  • How to make your own fletching, from bird to arrow
   Research Related to Archery
  • Archer's Reading List - Manigarm the Scythian   (PDF)
  • Medievalist's Reading List - Manigarm the Scythian (not specifically archery related, but a potentially useful resource for any SCA member)   (PDF)
  • Period Archery 'Contests and Targets' - Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf   (PDF) [currently not available]
  • War Archery And Social Status - Sir Jon Fitz Rauf (PDF)
  • French Noble Archers- Thorvald Grimsson (PDF)
  • Historical Archery Quotations - Thorvald Grimsson (PDF)
  • Targets "in period"
  • How did they fletch "in period?"
  • Depictions of archers
  • Depictions of crossbowmen
  • Songs featuring archery
  • Archery lore and legends
   Combat Archery
  • How to become a Combat Archer - Toussaint de Caluwé   (PDF)
  • Armor and the SCA - Cormac O'Cian   (PDF)
  • Walkthrough of Building Fiberglass/UHMW Arrows for Combat Archery - Jois Corbet   (PDF)
  • Anatomy of a Fiberglass/UHMW Arrow Head - Jois Corbet   (PDF)   (JPEG image)
  • Where to Find Supplies for Combat Archery - Jois Corbet   (PDF)
  • The InterKingdom Combat Archery Competition - Lorenzo il Confuso   (PDF)
  • Combat Archery Resources - Jois Corbet   (PDF)
  • Combat Archery 101 - Master Erik Erikson   (PDF)
  • Combat Archery 201 - Master Erik Erikson   (PDF)
  • Combat Archery 301 - Master Erik Erikson   (PDF)
  • The 35 Foot Spear: Diverse CA Information - Master Erik Erikson (Midrealm site, Northshield rules may vary)

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