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Minutes from 05-05-02 - Northshield Coronet

Minutes of the Northshield Stallari Meeting

May 5, 2002
Coronet Tournament and Investiture, Korsvag

In attendance: HSH Kitadate-denka (Neil Gilmore), HSH Elashava bas Riva 
(Sue Gilbert), HE Robert Thunderous (Mathew Wanat) Lord Heir Northshield, 
HE Isabella Falcao da Galinha (Kimberli Wanat) Lady Heir Northshield, THL 
Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger) Principality Seneschal, Lord Alasdair 
Calum Montgomery (Jack Welsh) Polaris Herald, Vladimir Volcovich 
Syehvrnielesov (Harry Kahan) Principality Earl Marshal, Lady Tatiana 
Marana Melville (Tonia Heng) Principality Chirurgeon, THL Gweniver Kenwyn 
of Roseveth (Jennifer McNitt) Principality Exchequer, Mistress Liadan na 
Caimron (Barbara England) Principality MOA&S.

Guests . Lady Marwen de la Rivere (Gretchen Skaff), Lord Boniface of 
Border Downs (Troy Weaver), Lord Lachlan McDougal (Robert K. Huck)

Minutes by Lord Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen), Stallari Council Secretary.

1. KEG Report
Marwen distributed copies of the KEG report. She asked that all KEG 
information gets to the populace via Rodrigo so that there is only one 
point of information distribution. The empty KEG seats have been filled. 
Gweniver is working with Baroness Ia on KEG financial info, and a draft of 
the proposed financial policy should be ready for review by WW. Aleksandre 
is studying the policies of other Kingdoms. Laws, finances and 
administration are the top three priorities. The laws committee is kicking 
into high gear and is holding laws forums with populace. Areas with lots 
of impact or options need much discussion. A basic timeline has been 
established. There are more questionnaires coming. A basic draft of the 
proposed laws will be available by late June. A complete draft should be 
ready for populace review by WW. Revisions can be made after the bid goes 
in. Lewina expressed a desire to see the new law with the old law and with 
the changes highlighted for easy comparison. She also wants to insure that 
the law committee is working from the proposed laws now under review and 
not from the old set. Marwen will ask Caradoc to produce a comparison set 
of revisions, and states that using the pending set of laws fits right in 
with the current process. WW will be a big event for kingdom activities. A 
KEG breakfast is planned for Saturday morning to allow for maximum 
populace participation. Madeline is working with current and past officers 
on administrative issues. A kingdom with less bureaucracy takes an amazing 
amount of planning and designing. Brigid will work on A&S. Officer 
handbooks, criteria, and martial aspects are all being worked on. Final 
decisions on award structure and awards transition aren.t crucial until 
after the bid is submitted. Gevehard is also working on the official poll. 
Marwen suggested a membership drive, since only members vote in the poll. 
The KEG can.t fundraise, but they do encourage and push for it. Raito is 
looking for copies of Ealdormere.s bid, and Marwen is trying to get a copy 
of Lochac.s bid. Raito- The KEG.s job is very important, and the KEG gets 
special consideration for its information needs from Stallari. All 
Stallari officers should do their best to answer any KEG member.s 
questions. If there is doubt about sensitive information, ask the Coronet. 

2. Armorgeddon
Lords Boniface and Lochlan of Border Downs explained that Armorgeddon has 
outgrown their group.s ability to manage. There hasn.t been a bid for 
Principality status written yet because they don.t know what Principality 
can or will do. Once they know how much Principality will help they will 
write a bid. 

Principality Officers explained that Armorgeddon is very important to the 
Principality and the future kingdom. However, the only people that know 
how Armorgeddon works are the locals. Border Downs needs to come up with a 
detailed event plan that identifies specific tasks that the local group 
will do and which tasks that Principality must do. Until then it.s 
impossible for Principality to commit. Mistress Liadan will get a copy of 
the Quest for Camelot bid to Border Downs for their perusal.

3. Minutes
Motioned, seconded, unanimously passed to accept Nordleigh minutes of 
4/20/2002 . approved as written

4. Old Business
	A: Coronet Bid
	It is hard to get groups to submit bids on the larger scheduled events. 
	The Windhaven bid was the only bid received. TE Robert and 
	Isabella have concerns about the size of the site. Discussion 
	tabled until the site is examined.

	B: Calendar of events officer
	Stallari affirmed that deputy positions are two-year terms, but the 
	existing deputy can reapply. A request for applications will be printed in 
	the Northwatch. Stallari affirmed that incoming Greater Officers can 
	establish their own deputies as they see fit. Lewina suggested that the 
	calendar of events officer should be under the chronicler instead of the 
	seneschal. Raito replied that it is because the calendar officer deals 
	with laws like distance issues and ad requirements. The position stays 
	with the seneschal.

	C: Quest
	Liadan. Plans for Quest are doing well. The site deposit has been paid. 
	Kelinda will probably be the chirurgeon. There is still a great need for 
	heralds and marshals. Border Downs is doing feast. It was decided to have 
	the Schattentor exchequer handle the feast finances. She will reimburse 
	Border Downs expenses, then split feast profits between Border Downs and 
	Principality. It should all come out as final expense report items. 
	Several Outlands royalty will be attending. The Northshield Heirs are 
	attending Mermaids. There was a brief discussion about conflicting events 
	on the same weekend. Mermaids doesn.t want to have their event on same 
	weekend as Quest. Elashava. The event planning meetings should help 
	prevent this. Raito mentioned that in Ansteorra certain events have their 
	weekends fixed in law. Nobody present thought that we should do that. 
	Tatiana. May already has coronet and the long weekend; we are still in the 
	MidRealm.  No decision today.

5. New business not on agenda 
	A.	We have new Heirs! Congratulations to Robert and Isabella.
	B.	Lewina. Information from the Curia list is included in 
		agenda. Tarrach is working with Kingdom on some experiments regarding the 
		Outlands fighting styles. 

6. TSH
	A. Elashava requested that all Greater Officers provide 
	reporting summaries for the last two years. The report should be by group 
	and include whether they were required to file, did they miss reports, and 
	were they late.  Raito- Corporate is not happy with Northshield.s record 
	of officer reporting. These problems include all local officers and not 
	just one office. This is a general problem that must be fixed. We can.t 
	have this problem right now if we want to be a kingdom. I.d rather let the 
	BOD accept the bid first then let the people decide in the poll if we want 
	to be kingdom. The populace isn.t aware of their group officers reporting 
	practices. Tatiana- Chirurgeons only report once a year for Domesday. 
	Elashava. Please report whatever data you can, especially offices where 
	suspensions can happen. Courtesy copies of reports aren.t always given to 
	the group seneschals, and that problem must be fixed. Raito. If the data 
	isn.t there then the data isn.t there. We want whatever we can get, but we 
	must analyze what we can. We can.t just say that our reporting is lousy, 
	we need facts. Greater Officer summary reports are due by June first.

	B. Raito. I spoke to the combatants at yesterday.s Coronet 
	tourney about their entry paperwork. Every ancestor that I.ve talked to 
	said that combatant information is traditionally poor. This isn.t 
	acceptable, and it must get better. Had I demanded full and perfect data, 
	we would have had one perfect application. Lewina- I.ll have a $200 phone 
	bill trying to get combatant data. We didn.t even have phone numbers for 
	some entrants. Elashava- We are still educating our people. Lewina- It 
	shows the intent of the fighters that only three sets of paperwork were 
	perfect at the beginning of yesterday. Kingdom requires having fighters of 
	sufficient caliber to serve, and failing the paperwork questions the 
	sufficient caliber requirement. 

	C. Elashava- Fina and Persephone.s Circle built notebooks with 
	all the laws, council of nobles information, etc. Commendations to Fina!

7. LLH . No business at this time.

8. Seneschal
	A: The letter of recommendation was sent to kingdom but we.ve had no 
	official response yet. Messages on the Curia list say that the Stallari 
	recommendation has been accepted. The office of Principality Seneschal 
	will change hands at the next Coronet.

	B: Chatelain .The only application is from Marion of 
	Jararvellir. She is a pharmacy PhD finishing her hospital stint. Stallari 
	approves her as acting chatelaine until officially announced.

	C: Council held some preliminary discussion on preventing competing 
	events from being held on Principality Event weekends. With the exception 
	of Mermaids / Quest there might not be a problem to discuss, especially 
	since the Mermaids group has said that they do not want to compete with 
	Quest. Further discussion was tabled.

9. MoAS
	A. A&S Faire . This is Mistress Liadan.s first meeting. She will 
	study this topic and report later.
	B. Kingdom report . Same as above.
	C. North Dakota does not allow raffles. An information packet was 
	put together by Fina and delivered to Stallari by Liadan.

10. Marshal
	A. Reporting Problems . I very seldom get event reports. This is 
	a problem I.ll have to address. Quarterly reports aren.t usually a 

	B. Money . What are the policies on money? When and how does 
	money move from savings to checking? If money goes into the endowment fund 
	we can.t use it, but it will be important once its goal is reached. Can we 
	grow this fund faster? It.s like the 401k of Northshield. Donations are 
	usually earmarked for a specific use, but could a percentage of 
	non-specific income like Quest profits go to the endowment fund?  Group- 
	This is information the KEG will need to know too. The Principality 
	Exchequer will research these topics. Good questions! 

	C. White scarf treaty . The White Scarf is a treaty between 
	kingdoms for an award that is not an SCA wide award. It doesn.t 
	necessarily give a GOA, but it must be the highest rapier award given by a 
	signatory kingdom, and all signatory kingdoms must recognize White Scarves 
	from other kingdoms. More discussion will follow, as we get closer to our 
	own kingdom status.

	A. Persephone.s Circle . Alasdair presented five badge choices, 
	variations on a theme in varying colors. The council unanimously voted to 
	hate the yellow, black and red. Isabella- We (Persephone.s Circle) need to 
	do something about this and it needs to be easily reproduced. We support 
	pageantry and rose tourneys but don.t like the current heraldry. We want a 
	badge, but don.t want anything too .busy., as these current choices are. 
	We.d like something simpler. Maybe we should let the order try to come up 
	with something. Raito- The compass rose is always a lot of work. Alasdair- 
	We were told to move on this so this is what I came up with. Elashava- 
	Persephone.s Circle as a name hasn.t and maybe can.t be passed. That needs 
	future discussion. Alasdair. When we go kingdom the order closes. We can 
	also go with just a portion of the badge; we don.t need the entire thing. 
	Vote . The black and white example passed unanimously (sample #1).

	B. New award -  Children.s award. There was concern about the 
	wording, .within sight of the coronet..  Raito. Rosamund and I would like 
	to see laws changes done differently, not just the old law and the new law 
	but also just the change. Changes can be hard to find. The new award name 
	came from Caer Anterth who has an order of same name but they will 
	graciously release the name .Rising Star. to Principality. A motion to 
	submit award to curia for law was made and seconded. Unanimously in favor.

	C. Alasdair is getting to be more pleased with the herald.s 
	reporting. Many missed their domesdays but only two missed the first 
	quarter so good progress is being shown. Elashava- We need to be more 
	proactive and get local officers working on this. People forget deadlines, 
	reminders are good.
12. Chirurgeon
	A. One application has been received, copies were handed out. 
	Eleanor from Racine is the only applicant. She moved to Northshield in 
	2000. She is the emergency deputy to the society chirurgeon. The council 
	agrees that her credentials are great. She was chirurgeon for Calontir 
	when they went kingdom, and was a lady in waiting as Ealdormere became a 
	kingdom so has ideas for the KEG. Tatiana turns over the office at WW. She 
	also had another nibble for the job yesterday. Tatiana volunteered to be 
	the emergency deputy, or Tatiana.s husband will if Tatiana gets the 
	kingdom chirurgeon office. Elashava moves to accept her on the condition 
	that no other applications arrive by the deadline, otherwise a decision 
	must be made on-line or June 1. Second by Alasdair, all in favor. 

13. Exchequer
	A. Total cash assets are at about $22,000. All local accounts 
	need her signature on the signature cards at the banks. Corporate should 
	handle the sales tax issue. Liadan will email Viscountess Gwyneth next 
	week to try to get the BOD decisions. Gwen- Some groups have not yet 
	submitted first quarter reports. Colleges didn.t think they had to report, 
	but she is working on that. Mare Amethystinum is OFF suspension. Lewina. I 
	will call the affected seneschals to let them know that their exchequer 
	reports aren.t in once Gwen lets me know which groups are late.

14. Chronicler
	A. The Chronicler needs the officer letters by May 8th to get 
	them in the next edition.

15. Next meeting . Castle Fever, then WW. 

Posted by: Fiskr Hammondson Council Secretary (KLO) on 5/5/2002

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