Roisin igen Ailill Roisin igen Ailill

January Missive


When you read this we will just have had the last event of the year. Enjoy the quiet and the weekends home until January when the calendar fills up very quickly.

I want to introduce our new Kingdom Events Deputy, Dame Idonia Tait. She will be contacting groups to solicit bids for Coronations and Crowns. (NOTE for the MoAS: She can also help with SUN and Kingdom A&S Faires.) She will also assist groups in putting a bid into proper format and helping to polish it before it goes to Stallari.

I love our big groups like the baronies and their cantons that routinely offer to host. But I would truly like to see small groups put in bids. Groups with as few as seven (7) active members have put on wonderful Kingdom Events!

It’s work, but it can also bring a spark of joy to your group to see the high and noble come to you and have court in your “house.”

Please, if you have any interest at all, contact Dame Idonia at


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Posted by: Ealdred of Malmesbury Kingdom Seneschal on 12/11/2019

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