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Minutes from 04-20-02 - Dragons & Griffons & Squirrels Oh My!

Stallari Council Meeting

April 20, 2002

The Baronial Colleges of Nordleigh

In attendance: HSH Gaius Niklos Luctator (J.W. Walls), HE Kitakaze Tatsu Raito (Neil Gilmore) Lord Heir Northshield, THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger) Principality Seneschal, Lord Alasdair Calum Montgomery (Jack Welsh) Polaris Herald, Vladimir Volcovich Syehvrnielesov (Harry Kahan) Principality Earl Marshal, Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Heng) Principality Chirurgeon, THL Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth (Jennifer McNitt) Principality Exchequer, Bana bhiocas Fina ingen A.eda (Lorine Horvath) Principality MOA&S, Lady Ravenna ingen A.eda (Robyn Quandt) Outgoing Principality Chronicler, Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barb Coenen) Incoming Principality Chronicler.

Minutes by Lord Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen), Stallari Council Secretary.

1. Minutes- Barony of Windhaven minutes of 2/23/2002 . approved as written.

2. Old Business
A. Coronet Bid

The Barony of Windhaven and other local shires have secured a site and an autocrat for Fall Coronet. A written bid should be ready for formal approval at Spring Coronet.

B. Policies

Policy comments from Kingdom were discussed with no actions taken at this time. It was decided to

take a look at bid procedure policies for possible updating.

C. Quest

The construction and contents of baskets for royalty gifts at Quest were discussed. Their Excellencies also want to hold a luncheon for ten to accommodate visiting royalty, but have no bidders for the luncheon yet.

D. Armorgeddon

Niklos: For Northshield to prosper it must look south and west. Armorgeddon must not fail. People need to feel wanted. We want coffers filled for both the local group and Principality. We want stronger relations with Calontir. PEM Vladimir volunteered to be Marshal in Charge for the event. Fiskr (acting as Northshield Deputy Seneschal for Principality Events) was instructed to work out the details with Border Downs and get a proper bid proposal.

E. Calendar of Events Officer

The current Northshield Chronicler wondered why event submissions go through the Northshield Calendar of Events Officer rather than going directly to the editors of the Northwatch and Pale, so she asked the Kingdom Chronicler who did not know. Kingdom is now reviewing Northshield ad submission policies. Discussion at this meeting revealed that this policy came about several reigns ago to solve the problem of ads appearing in the Northwatch but not in the Pale, thereby preventing them from being .official. events. One ad submission to the Calendar Officer who passed it on to both Northwatch and Pale prevented this problem and made the submission process much easier for event staff. Stallari consensus is that this seems like a good policy. Further discussion revealed that the current office holder has been in this position for about five years, it was decided that the office should have a fixed term. The current office holder is encouraged to reapply. A request for applications will be printed in the Northwatch, with the next officer chosen by Nordskogen.s Twelfth Night.

F. MK Laws update

1. The proposed changes to the Iron Watch award (formerly Eisenwache) were approved by Kingdom.

Curia comments on other proposed changes were read, with no further action taken at this time.

3. New Business

A. Skerrstrand

Skerrstrand wants to be a part of Northshield rather than Pentamere and have submitted petitions. Raito attended the last Curia meeting and reports that they are favorable and are checking out the legalities. Corpora was consulted where it says that Principality territorial adjustments must be approved by BOD. In the meantime Skerrstrand will double report, both to Pentamere and to Northshield. Niklos wants this to happen before he steps down.

4. TSH
A. Parameters of the office of the Stallari members

A private email mistakenly made public led to this discussion on the commitment level of Stallari members. Every member expressed a willingness to travel wherever necessary unless pressing mundane concerns prevent it.

B. Travel: perceptions vs. reality

There is a perception that the Stallari members from Wisconsin don.t travel. The reality is that all Stallari members travel thousands of miles each reign in the execution of their office. It is true that residents of the more populated areas don.t have to travel as far to go to events, but that is a fact of life and not a fixable problem. It was suggested that Greater Officers try to be more visible at events they attend, possibly by wearing their tabards of office.

C. Keg/Stallari communications

From the written report of Lady Marwen de la Rivere - Gevehard is getting mixed results about awards from his polls. Marwen feels group as a whole is working well. There is no firm time line in the report. Marisela . I have received no report for the Northwatch yet. Tatiana . There is no one on keg dealing with the chirurgeon issues. She will contact Marwen about that. (Marwen arrives at the meeting) Marwen - KEG is going at 80 percent, communication with Stallari is at about 50 percent. She wants to setup keg communications person to liaison between KEG, Stallari and the populace. Marwen suggests Rodrigo de Montoya for the job. She is happy to make reports to Stallari meetings if she knows when they are but is frustrated because she often learns about Stallari meetings after the fact. Oswin and Toki are on martial arts but Wolfgang has just stepped down so they need another. Vlad . We need to write new marshal books then show them to KEG. Marwen agrees. Her people need something to work with to start it up. Niklos . I challenged the hall to show their KEG-Stallari knowledge. I got a poor response and some responses were just wrong. Marwen . The communications officer should help with the knowledge problem. Marwen said that she will look at Chirurgeon issues, and that Christiana needs a helper with A&S. It was agreed that KEG members can have their own working groups. A lot of the SCA is nebulous and is a unique and difficult challenge to identify, classify and deal with. Current goals are to have KEG member reports ready by Spring Coronet, and a draft of a poll and a bid by fall coronet. If all goes perfectly it would be late 2003, early 2004 before the first Northshield Crown. The group is trying to get bid stuff done first, handbooks later. KEG is currently short four members but all of Northshield.s regions are represented. KEG can.t help heal any east west divide, but they are taking pains not to acerbate it. It was agreed that the communications officer should have guidelines for timely and regular progress reports.

5. LLH
A. Curia Report

MidRealm Seneschal Rosamund reported that the Society Seneschal wants to see our reporting history improve before going kingdom. Proposed laws were discussed.

B. Royal Coronet Progress

1. Six stops are planned and each group has a place and time. There is no itinerary available yet.

C. Approval of Coronet Tourney

1. Kingdom has approved the format for the tourney.

D. Ceremony

1. Some minor changes are planned, but the ceremony is basically fine.

6. Seneschal
A .Applications for position


B. Chatelaine

One application has been received for this office, from Lady Marion of Jarraveillir. Niklos motioned, Raito seconded and all voted aye to accept Lady Marion.s application provided no other applications are received by May first.

C. Castel Rouge

The Barony is in suspension for not filing a domesday report. No one knows if Baron or Baroness has been notified, and there has been no change of seneschal form sent to kingdom. Fina - Why don.t groups know they are in trouble until they are suspended? Lewina . I called the groups when notified that they were in suspension because of exchequer problems, but this is a Kingdom issue. It.s a local group communications problem; group seneschals aren.t getting the other officer reports and aren.t following up. The Baron and Baroness must be notified, Lewina will call. Vlad - Had Castel Rouge been notified when they were late this could have been fixed. Our barony is in trouble but Northshield never had a chance to correct it. Niklos - Call the Baron and Baroness and get a domesday sent. In her report Kingdom Seneschal Rosamund says she.ll contact them. Niklos says that as Prince he should get at least a courtesy call from Kingdom before his groups are suspended. Raito . At the last Curia meeting they were concerned but not vindictive and want to solve the problem.

D. Rivenwood report

Even though it had appeared that the group was disbanding, it now seems that they are still trying to get the group back up. A marshal report was filed. The Rivenwood Seneschal saying they should disband provided a wakeup call for the group, and it now looks like they might keep the group going.

7. Exchequer

(Moira was not present. Written report consulted) Discussed the transfer of funds if balances get too high or too low in individual accounts. Mare Amethystinum sent their domesday, but it will be two weeks or so before the suspension is lifted. Kingdom Exchequer is in England and can.t get e-mail attachments. Kingdom exchequer is signatory on group accounts but not Northshield exchequer. Banks are slow to update cards.

A. Trailer

This issue boils down to insurance. If Northshield owns a trailer then the SCA policy would cover liability only. Getting liability and contents coverage from different insurance carriers is prohibitively expensive. The best method seems appears to be to license it in an individuals name and let them insure it. There are several ways to get the trailer owner.s costs funded. This is a big responsibility for whoever gets the job. Fina . Let Tarrach and me license the trailer. Marisela . Northshield can pay rental on the trailer when it.s used for Principality reasons. All . Agreed.

B. Matching funds pamphlet

Discussed briefly. Many employers will match employee donations to non-profit organizations. We need to get this word out.

C. Pavilion Coordinator application

The only application has come from Lord Randall. If approved he would handle transportation in the east and his deputy Viscount Sir Tarrach would handle transportation in the western areas. Let him have the job on a probationary basis. Raito . Explain to him that he has too many offices, and that he is Probationary Pavilion Coordinator until he steps down from the other positions. All . agreed.

D. South Dakota tax problem- Tabled . It was at this point that we started running out of time and jumped

around to those topics that needed discussion.

8. Chronicler . A priority is the need to find a deputy.
A. Report - Tabled
B. Annual Report update - Tabled
C. Webminister - Tabled

9. MoA&A
A. A&S Faire - Tabled
B. Kingdom report - Will be posted online.
C. Coronet raffle situation

Fina . Raffles are illegal in North Dakota, but silent auctions are allowed. Tatiana - We already have a raffle permit for WW. Vlad . I thought a permit could only be gotten by the local group? Raito - .Local Group. means different things to government officials than it does to SCA. Tatiana . When we received our permit we were told that we could use it anywhere in Wisconsin as long as one of the members of the group that holds the permit is present.

10. Marshal
A. Problems/concerns - Tabled
B. Money questions - Tabled
C. White Scarf Treaty

PEM Vladimir wants to sign it and the current prince Niklos is 100% for the white scarf treaty. Pending acceptance by the chivalry of equestrian, archery and rapier, this is a good thing. Raito . there isn.t time to hear my views.

11. Herald - tabled
A. Awards
B. Report

12. Chirurgeon-

A. Report
B. Applications
C. Concerns about water quality at camping events

Tatiana - We need to test the water in the pond at the WW site. Niklos - If we ask to test the water we could easily lose the site. It is a legitimate concern, but we need a reason to ask to test. Ask if they know if it.s safe to swim in. Approach this carefully.

Posted by: Fiskr Hammondson Council Secretary (KLO) on 4/20/2002

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