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Greetings, once again, to our Northshield family from Siegfried and Gwyneth, Heirs to the Griffon Throne.

Our thanks for the hospitality and generosity of the shires, baronies and Kingdoms who have hosted the events we’ve traveled to in the last month. We have been pleased to join Their Majesties Summer Campaign and face Our friends and allies in joyful combat.

Warriors and Warlords now behind us, the thoughts and plans of many Northshielders now turn to the grand brawl hotly approaching in the Debatable Lands. Our Kingdom will once again take its place amongst all the grandeur of Pennsic War. We look forward to seeing Griffon banners unfurled on the battlefield and flying proudly above Northshield’s Royal Camp. Heraldic Display is close to her Highness’ heart, and she looks forward to seeing griffins, compass roses, black, gold and personal arms and displays at every event she attends. We also hope to have as many of you joining the Griffin warband as possible; either by fighting, singing, arching, bearing water, or simply joining and traveling with those who do.

As this is a trip of considerable length for those of these lands, We hope that you will take every precaution to ensure a safe journey.

Fall Crown Tournament
Letters of Intent. We would ask that letters of intent be sent to each one of Us individually, as well as the Kingdom Seneschal. The remainder of the documentation requirements; Proof of Membership, Proof of Authorization, and Proof of access to the Northwatch – will be confirmed at Crown by the appropriate officer. We would ask the letters be delivered to us no later than the occasion of Fall Coronation. Along with your letter please include Proof of Age, all relevant Contact Information (address, phone, & email at least), as well as an account of your Activity Level for the past year.

Additional Requirements. We would also require the either the combatant or consort have prior experience in a reporting office. This would include being an officer at any level from local up to Kingdom, Autocrat or Event Steward, Marshals and Heralds of the field. Please feel free to contact Us for any needed clarification.

Weapon and Shield Requirements.
No weapons of war will be permitted; this would exclude any weapon over six feet in length. No back-up weapons will be allowed.

Shields will be only so tall that the owner can comfortably stand over it and shall be no wider than the distance from the top of the shoulder to the tip of the finger of the owner.

Appearance Requirements. We would ask that combatants refrain from wearing modern athletic footwear unless it is reasonably covered. We would also ask that you make a reasonable attempt to cover any armour blatantly appearing to be made of non-period materials, such as plastic.

Tournament Format. As has been done before, if the number of combatants does not exceed 16, each round will be best 2 of 3 format. The loser’s tree semi-finalist must win two 2 of 3’s to advance to the finals. The finals in this format will be simple best of three fights. In the ‘16 or less’ format the junior in precedence will decide whether combatants will fight one-handed or two-handed weapons forms in the first bout, the senior making the same choice in the second bout. The third bout in this format will be weapon of choice. If there are 17 or more combatants each round will be a single fight, weapon of choice, with the semi-finals and finals being best 2 of 3.

Armour Inspections. Armour inspections will take place the evening before the tournament as well as the day of. Fighters are encouraged to take advantage of the Friday night inspections if at all possible.

Our thanks again for all the support and well-wishes our brothers and sisters of Northshield have given Us. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Siegfried and Gwyneth

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Siegfried II and Gwyneth Their Royal Highnesses on 8/1/2006

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