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June 2011 Northwatch Missive


With the weather finally turning for the better, ourthoughts start turning towards tournament and event season. It is also a goodtime to check to make sure that your Authorization cards are current andcorrect.

First, in an effort to streamline the process for gettingcards out to those who need them, I’m making some changes to the submissionprocess for requesting them.


If you need a card (replacement, renewal, or initial) youcan either:

(this is my preferredmethod)Send me a clear photo or scan of your current card or authorizationpaper directly to me at . Please type in your SCA name, modernname, address, phone number, group you play in, and e-mail address in the textof the e-mail.

If you have no e-mail access, you can send it through snailmail to Dan Delkamp at 507 E Patten St., Boyd WI, 54726

If you can catch me at an event, I’ll have cards handy andcan take care of it on the spot. I’ll try to keep my persona page on theNorthshield website updated with events I plan on attending.

Marshals in Charge of events:

Please e-mail me directly with a copy of the authorizationpaperwork for your events, including the information noted above. Please notethat including it in the event report does NOT give me the information, as I donot get copies of event reports.

I realize that this means that I will be getting all of theinformation for authorizations twice, but hopefully the redundancy will ensurethat I get all of the information needed to get cards out promptly.

Also, I’m trying desperately to get the online fighterrosters updated and corrected as much as possible. I request that ALL fighterstake a moment to log in to the Marshallate website located and check their entry in the rosters foraccuracy. Any corrections can be e-mailed to me at the COR@northshield.orgaddress. In addition, I request that all group Marshals take a moment and checktheir group for errors.


Dauyd Straquhyn


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Posted by: Dauyd Straquhyn Clerk of the Roster on 6/1/2011

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