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May 2011 Northwatch Missive


If you haven’t submitted your 2011 1st
Quarter Exchequer Report yet, you’re late.
Please email me to make arrangements at

Year-end reporting was very difficult this
year with having to do double the amount
of reporting for the subsidiaries. However,
going forward this should actually become
easier as each subsidiary has its own cumulative
report that doesn’t need to balance out
with the rest of the Kingdom. The same is
true at the group level, once the Wisconsin
groups have fully switched over they will be
back to a single report to file. I appreciate all
the extra effort everyone went through this
year to get us to this point.

A lot has changed with the reporting
forms and processes, I hope most of you
attended Officers’ Day to learn some of these
changes. For those who did not and would
like additional one-on-one training, please
arrange time with your regional exchequer
or myself. Also, if your position has switched
over recently and/or it’s been over 2 years
since your group has had the books reviewed,
please arrange time with your regional exchequer
to have this done as well.

Finally, the process for creating new bank
accounts has changed. The reason for the
change is the lack of putting the Kingdom
or regional exchequer as a signatory on the
group bank accounts has been such a problem
the process was changed to force this to
happen. All requests must come through the
Kingdom Exchequer, any requests sent to the
society or corporate offices directly will be
rejected. Please follow these steps to request a
new bank account:

To change or open bank accounts:
Download a Bank Account Request form
(Excel file) from http://www.sca.org/officers/
and fill out all appropriate fields.
Note: All kingdom and local groups must
list the kingdom or a regional exchequer
as a signatory on bank accounts.
Send all requests for bank accounts to
your Kingdom Exchequer.
Kingdom Exchequers will verify all information
and forward your request to the
Society Exchequer for processing.
The Society Exchequer will verify the completeness
and accuracy of your information
and forward it to the SCA Corporate Office.

Tip of the Month: Remember all Non-
Member Surcharge (NMS) paperwork and
checks are to be sent to the NMS Deputy
Exchequer, The Honorable Lady Gweniver
Kenwyn of Roseveth. Also, if recording NMS
payments on your exchequer reports and your
group is in a subsidiary, make sure you record
this as a donation to another 501c3 organization
(not a transfer within kingdom).

In Service,
Rodrigo de Montoya

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Posted by: Rodrigo de Montoya Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 5/1/2011

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