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Greetings Northshield Fighters!

Summer and war season are in high gear and it is time for a few reminders from the marshallate and to the marshallate:

1. Hydration: Stay hydrated! Drink water while you are fighting and make sure that if you see any of the signs of heat exhaustion, stop fighting! Marshals, see your local chirurgeon about heat injuries, how to recognize them, and how to counsel those who may be in danger of heat injury.

2. Remember to put your sunscreen on! Just because your armor covers 90% of your body, does not mean that you will not have a bar-grill face burn on Monday morning.

3. Thrusting tips: 2-handed Mandrake thrusting tips are not legal in Northshield. They do not meet the normal compression standards that are required for 2-hand thrust.

4. Finger Gauntlets: Finger gauntlets are legal provided that they meet the qualifications for proper hand protection:
a. The finger gauntlets have proper padding under the finger plates such that they protect at least as well as a well-maintained hockey glove.
b. The finger gauntlets are constructed in such a way that their plates transfer the force to the handle of the weapon.

5. Marshal’s Test: The Marshal’s Test that every MIT must take as their last step before getting their warrant is NOT open book. The information tested is stuff that we need to have at least a cursory knowledge of without looking it up. The MIT test can be given by any Regional Marshal or designate of the KEM or KACM. If you need the test, please email me!

Finally, if you have a warrant problem, are not warranted, or need a change in marshal status, please contact me and I will make sure that your problem is resolved.

Fight hard, fight well, and follow Kevin’s Rules™

Other missives from the Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal
Posted by: Cyveiliog McKinley Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal on 7/1/2006

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