Heinrich von Btandenburg and "mini-me" Heinrich von Btandenburg and "mini-me"

March 2011 Northwatch Missive

Unto my fellow Northshielders do I, Anpliça Fiore, PolarisHerald, send salutations.

I am pleased to announce that we have a couple past PolarisHeralds who have been granted heraldic titles. Master Richard Morgan ofCumberland is known in heraldic circles as the Gout de Vin Herald and Mistress Moraig Anne Drummond is the Holly Herald. Why do they have thesetitles? Because of the service they have rendered to Northshield and theSociety as principle herald. I have offered all past Principality and KingdomPolaris Heralds the option to style themselves with a heraldic title, and thesetwo are the first in line for them. Look for more in the future! They will beannounced as they are registered.

Someone on the Northshield Heralds list provided a questionI would like to share the answer to. They asked if armory submissions had to behand-drawn and if they had to use Crayola colors for coloring it in. The answerto both parts of this question is “No, but…” Let me explain.

Feel free to cut and paste device submissions using the manyheraldic clip-art sites that are out there, but make sure that the finished device fits in the escutcheonprovided on the submission form. You can then print your emblazon’s linedrawing out on your form. When you color it in, it is recommended that you useCrayola Classic markers. You don’t have to use Crayola’s but since they are inexpensive and color-fast they are a goodchoice. Most color inks for printers and copiers are NOT color-safe and sincethe emblazon (drawing) of the device or badge is registered, I have heard ofsome submissions being returned due to color-shifting or fading. Also, do notuse colored pencils or crayons for your submissions – they do not do well inthe non-climate controlled storage facility where they will live out their longlives in the archives.

Do you have a question about heraldry you would likeanswered in a future issue of the Northwatch?Drop me an email at herald@northshield.org.

Heraldically yours,

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Posted by: Anpliça Fiore Polaris Herald on 3/1/2011

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