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February 2011 Northwatch Missive


I’m reviewingthe events on the calendar for this month and am amazed that the Month of Lovehas more combat events than A&S events - one would think that in thewinter, we would seek to gather around tables and workbenches. However, I amvery aware that A&S is alive and people are busy--so many people sharingstories on FaceBook!

The Kingdom hasa couple of good events for organized A&S activities. That Moot Thingy inCoille Stoirmeil and Une Fete D’Amor in Midewinde are offering classes and plentyof time for conversation and sharing. Une Fete D’Amor’s competition winner willhave the honor of selecting the Northshield fund for proceeds to be donated.And always, at every gathering of Northshield’s people, there are those doinghandwork or discussing projects at home. It is good to share such things.

Toki Magnussonand Tarrach Alfson are seeking your articles for the Northstar, an A&Spublication for Northshield. By now, we will have set a date for the nextpublication and shared that on the Hall. Please contact one of us if you haveany questions. Toki is also publishing the previous volumes online, found athttp://jonya.com/Northstar. If you would like to make your articles fromVolumes 1-5 available electronically, you can find a permission to publishonline form on this site as well. Or contact Toki!

I am consideringa more frequent reporting schedule for the group MoAS, to match the schedule ofthe other group officers. At this time, reports are due July 15 and January 15.What are your thoughts on this, group officers? Would a more frequent schedulemake it easier to keep information gathered?

One lastthought. If you are holding an event, I encourage you to include an A&SCompetition. Because artisans need time to complete entries and documentation,please get those competition rules out early and publish them on your eventwebsite well in advance. Six months is a good guideline. At the websitehttp://jonya.com/arts/, a competition book for Northshield is in progress. Youwill find samples of rules, themes and more there to assist you.

Stay busy,People of Northshield, and share your stories to encourage others!












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Posted by: Sorcha inghen Maille Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 2/1/2011

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