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Unto our great family of Northshield does Siegfried and Gwyneth send fond greetings,

We are both truly excited for the opportunity to serve the greatest Kingdom in the Known World once again. The kind words of congratulations and well wishes We have received since Crown Tournament have been heart warming and humbling. Our thanks to all of you. We look forward to the privilege upholding your trust in Us by making the coming year as special for as many as We can.

We would also like to offer Our thanks to Their Majesties for allowing Us to compete. It was an experience We shall never forget. To the Barony of Nordskogen and THL Katriona, well done on a wonderful event! You have certainly lived up to your barony’s exemplary reputation. And finally kudos to the other combatants who fought nobly, and the populace for their support each of them and Us.

Now to matters most urgent. None can mistake the drums of war beating in the east. The Griffon Army will soon make it’s way to the Debatable Lands to take up spear, schlager , and bow against our foemen. Their Majesties have taken great strides to prepare this army for success upon the fields and ranges of Pennsic War. The last great step in this effort is the testing of our collective skills at Warriors and Warlords. We would love to see the Kingdom colors and Northshield pride in full bloom, and, to this end, it is Our hope that as many of you as possible can make it to our Kingdom’s grandest event.

Rapier combatants of Northshield, pay heed; Her Highness Gwyneth will hold Her Princess’ Sleeve Tourney at Warriors and Warlords, inviting the Kingdom’s Rapier fighters to vie for the honor carrying this precious favor. Please prepare yourselves for this event.

We are so very happy that We shall be seeing all of you soon. Spending the coming year serving our Northshield family in this capacity is an honor like no other. So, until We see you next We remain…

Yours in service
Siegfried and Gwyneth

Other missives from the Their Royal Highnesses
Posted by: Siegfried II and Gwyneth Their Royal Highnesses on 7/1/2006

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