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Minutes from 10-2010 - E-List Compiled

10/1/2010 - David
Agreement to publish a proposal for law change to clarify kingdom level events.

10/14/2010 - David
Approval of bid for Tournament of Chivalry (approval by Their Majesties) for Feb 19, 2011 in Silfren Mere.

10/20/2010 - David
Receipt of bid from Wyndandremer for Spring 2011 Crown Tournament (recd 10/16/2010).  Some concerns about whether there is adequate indoor space for a May event.  The Royal Family and Stallari Council are very appreciative of this bid.  However, the site difficulties do not allow this bid to be approved.  Would also love to see a different event at the site, which is beautiful.  Wyndandremer is considering reworking the bid.

10/22/2010 - Sorcha
Request for clarification around appointment of kingdom lesser officers and deputies.  Deputies can be selected by the Great Officer with no further input.  Lesser officers (as listed in Kingdom Law) should be run by the Stallari Council and are ultimately approved by Their Majesties.

10/27/2010 - TRMs
Their Majesties Hrodir and Anne announced Their decision that Lord Albrecht and Lady Eva will succeed Alasdair and Kateryn as Baron and Baroness of Caer Anterth Mawr.

Posted by: Marwen de la Rivere Council Secretary (KLO) on 10/31/2010

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