James Applegate, Katsuo Toyaoka, and Delphina the Bearcat James Applegate, Katsuo Toyaoka, and Delphina the Bearcat


Greetings unto Northshield.

The summer is upon us and archery is in full swing. All marshals please remember you are to report this month. My thanks to those who participated in the Gwyntaian Winter Archery Shoot.The increased participitation was great. It is wonderful to see all those scores listed on the webpage. Now as summer comes, I would like to see us rise to another challenge and to make our mark on the IKAC (Inter Kingdom Archery Competition). I encourage groups to hold IKAC at their events and practices. Let us show the known world the might of the Northshield archers. I will be holding an archer’s round table at WW for all to bring ideas and talk about archery in our kingdom. Until then may you bows shoot straight and true.

Ever in service

Other missives from the Kingdom Archer General (KLO)
Posted by: Gwyn CuCymry Kingdom Archer General (KLO) on 6/1/2006

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