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FAQ on E-Newsletters

FAQ on E-Newsletters
Q: I am presently a Sustaining Member and I want to continue receiving a paper newsletter. Can I?
A: Yes. If you are presently receiving a paper newsletter you will have the option to continue receiving it in that format.

Q: I like paper newsletters. Once the e-newsletters go into effect, will I be able to get a paper copy mailed to me?
A: Yes. You will have a choice between the electronic version or a paper newsletter.

Q: The Board has suggested an implementation period of almost a full year. Why can’t we go to electronic newsletters right now?
A: There is much to do before the transition can happen including updating kingdom and corporate documents, revising the Chronicler’s Policies, modifying our current software, and adding new software and hardware. As quickly as everyone is working, all of these aspects take a considerable amount of time and we want to do this properly the first time.

Q: I thought I paid membership fees in order to receive the newsletter.
A: As a Sustaining Member, you will still receive your Kingdom newsletter. We are not doing away with the newsletter; we are offering a new option for delivery. Your membership fees go to support the operations of the non-profit organization that oversees the national and international activities and rules of the game. This includes everything from the insurance coverage we use for events to office supplies and the phone line that lets you call our member office. Sustaining Members receive newsletters in addition to the other benefits of membership.

Your membership gives you access to:
  • Quick Event Check-in – By signing the waiver on the membership application, you can speed up your check-in at events by presenting your membership card instead of signing waivers.
  • SCA Publications – Sustaining Members may also purchase subscriptions to other kingdoms’ newsletters, Tournaments Illuminated (the quarterly magazine of the Society), The Compleat Anachronist (the SCA’s quarterly monograph series), and the Board of Directors’ Proceedings.
  • Discounts – Members receive discounts on some event admissions.
  • Additionally, for many SCA-related activities, membership is a necessity, including:
  • Holding Office – Membership is a requirement to hold an office.
  •  Voting Privileges – When polling occurs in your local area, the membership rolls are used to determine who receives the poll.
  • Combat and Combat-Related Activities – In some kingdoms, membership is a requirement to participate in combat and combat-related activities.
  • Awards – In certain kingdoms, membership is a requirement for eligibility to receive awards.

Q: Why is this necessary all of a sudden? Why hasn’t it happened before?
A: The option of e-newsletters has been a topic of interest for several years, but as with any decision, there were number of factors that made it high priority now. These include increased paper newsletter production costs including postage, the recent economic downturn and its effects on the SCA and its members, technological advances in quality and availability, and the majority of members (as shown by the recent census) would prefer to subscribe to this format. We believe that both the members and the SCA will benefit economically by the e-newsletter option, especially using the Kingdom of Lochac as a case model. The Kingdom of Lochac (SCAA – Australia and New Zealand) added the option of e-newsletters in 2009, and their information on adding e-newsletters for one kingdom demonstrated how it might be effective for the SCA and the other 18 kingdoms.

Q: I appreciate/don’t like these decisions. How can I have more input into this process?
A: As always, we encourage your comments and questions at and will try to answer any question you may have. Your kingdom or officer ombudsman is always available to you to answer these questions directly and those assignments are listed in your newsletter and on the website. Additionally, if you want to have more effect at the corporate level, you should volunteer for or recommend people to the Board and to Society Officer positions as they become available.

Posted by: Elis Godbeare on 3/7/2011

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