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Greetings Armored Combatants and welcome to the beginning of the war season! Even here in the frozen north things are starting to thaw out and I think that I can see my pell poking through the snow-bank. With summer upon us, it is time to look at a couple of things as we take the field for war:

  1. Take the padding out of your helmet and inspect the helmet for serious rust, loose rivets, damaged welds, internal projections, etc. Make sure that your padding has not collapsed from use and that all parts of the helmet that could come in injurious contact with your head are properly padded. Helmets are our most important safety item!
  2. Replace the tips on all of your weapons and check the rattan and/or siloflex for wear and damage.
  3. Make sure that your weapons don’t have any projections that could penetrate more than 1/2’’ into SCA legal face protection (a bar cage). This is per Society law and is often over-looked.

We are working on the Armored Combatant Database. You will be seeing forms to fill out with your authorization information. Please help out the Clerk of the Roster by filling out a form sometime this season.

Finally, remember to fight as much as you can. A good chunk of our combat involves endurance. If we are to support the war plans of our King, we will all have to be in our top form for the wars that we are to fight. So, get to the pell work and make sure that you hit practices whenever you can! I will be seeing you all at Beltaine by the Bay in Darkstone, Crown Tournament in Nordskogen, and perhaps ARRG or Ages of War.

Have fun, and follow Kevin’s Rules™.

Other missives from the Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal
Posted by: Cyveiliog McKinley Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal on 5/1/2006

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