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January 2011 Northwatch Missive

Greetings unto the Populaceof Northshield, and especially the hard working Chirurgeons, doth Lady Fionathe Younger, incoming Kingdom Chirurgeon, send greetings.

I would like to thank MasterKenric Bjarnarson for his service as Kingdom Chirurgeon and MagisterFraterGiles Devon for his service as Emergency Chirurgeon Deputy.

As the incoming KingdomChirurgeon, I will need two deputies: Eastern and Central/Western RegionalChirurgeons. These positions will help with training and warranting ofChirurgeons, as well as assisting with arranging Chirurgeon coverage at events.If you are interested in volunteering for one these positions please contactme.

A quick introduction: LadyFiona the Younger has been a part of the SCA since 1998, has been a Chirurgeonsince 2005, and has held the Baronial Chirurgeon for Jararvellir,Central/Western Regional Chirurgeon, and Emergency Chirurgeon Deputy beforebecoming the Kingdom Chirurgeon. Lyn Andreasen is a Laboratory Technician in Evansville, WI.

My anticipated events forthe month of January are Nordskogen’s Old Twelvery Night and Jararvellir’s It’sOnly a Flesh Wound. I will try and post my intended events each month for thosewho wish to speak to me at events. Otherwise, I am available by email or byphone before 10PM Central Time.

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Posted by: Fiona the Younger Retired Office on 1/1/2011

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