Heregyth Ketilsdottir spinning a tale Heregyth Ketilsdottir spinning a tale

December 2010 Northwatch Missive

Unto the Populace of Northshield doth Kenricsend greetings, as autumn recedes and winter takes hold--

The snow has already flown, and the days andnights are both cold. Please pack for your trips accordingly, and even for theshorter trips, carry winter clothing, as you never know when you might getstuck en route, and have to spend time outside your vehicle. For longer trips,an emergency kit, including a snow shovel, may keep a situation from turningfrom an amusing anecdote to a perilous encounter. No matter the season, buteven more so in winter, be prepared when traveling.

On a happier note: I am pleased to announcethat Lady Fiona the Younger has volunteered, and Their Majesties, TheirHighnesses, and the Stallari Council have accepted her offer, to take my placeas Kingdom Chirurgeon. She should be stepping up at Nordskogen Twelfth Night. Thankyou, Lady Fiona, for volunteering to step up.

Until our changeover, Lady Fiona has steppedup to the Emergency Deputy position, replacing Magisterfrater Giles Devon, whohas served in this position for several years. Thank you, Master Giles for yourservice in this position.

As a last position change, Lord Coenrad ofWindhaven has been advanced to the rank of journeyman Chirurgeon. Congratulationson finishing your apprenticeship.

Chirurgeons, the time has come again for yourDomesday reports. To remain active, you must file a report, giving your contactinformation, listing your certification expiration dates, and noting whichevents you have worked as a Chirurgeon. Note that you must work at least oneevent per year to remain active.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and happyNew Year, I remain, in service,

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Posted by: Kenric Bjarnarson Retired Office on 12/1/2010

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