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December 2010 Northwatch Missive


I’ve been up toseveral interesting things this last month. I got a new spinning wheel to workwith and have learned to pluck fur off of angora rabbits, but it is so fine Iwas afraid to try to work with it. I need a good, patient teacher. J I hope you arehaving a good time learning new things as well.

I’ve beenlearning how to publish a wiki, where the Northstar will be published. I needhelp. A call for the editor went out on the Hall but if you missed it and havequestions, please contact me. If you are interested in helping as editorialstaff, please contact me.

Before I canput the back issues up, the permission to print forms must be returned. As manyof these articles did not give permission for an electronic publication, we arere-gathering permissions. Part of the Editor’s job will be to continue thiswork. You can find a link to the permission forms at or contact me and I’ll mail you one.

When you visitthe Northstar wiki, you will see a very plain page. I am taking applicationsfor the A&S Website Deputy, who will take on a number tasks includingprettying up this thing! If you are interested in a job description, pleasecontact me.

Duke Tarrach isin charge of the peer review process for new articles. We decided to use a peerreview committee to help assure standards and to provide feedback. What is apeer review? This is a nice definition from Wikipedia - “Peer review is ageneric term that is used to describe a process of self-regulation ...involvingqualified individuals in the related field. Peer review methods are employed tomaintain standards, improve performance, and provide credibility.” I personallyfeel this will give our Northstar authority in a sea of self-published anddubious websites that exist on the Internet, since no one author can have hisor her credentials published on the journal’s website. I thank His Grace forhis work on this project and wish him much fun as we move forward.

There are nopublication dates as yet, nor any tentative date to get Mead, Meat & Moreback into publication. Stay tuned!

This month,tucked into our mundane lives, is the Feast of the Boar’s Head on December 4and Yuletide on December 11. They offer you classes, demonstrations and thechance to meet with others who share your particular interests. I plan that thespinners will find a corner to meet in at Boar’s Head, and that others will dothe same at both events, and share!

I will have ameeting of the Group MoAS at Boar’s Head. Further information can be found onour email list and on the Hall.

Until nextmonth, keep your hands busy!


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Posted by: Sorcha inghen Maille Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 12/1/2010

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