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Minutes from 11-11-01 - Coronet

Stallari Council Meeting

November 11, 2001

Shire of Inner Sea

In Attendance: HSH Aramanthra the Vicious (Nancy Read), HE Kitakaze Tatsu Raito (Neil Gilmore) Lord Heir Northshield, HE Elashava bat Riva (Susan Gilbert) Lady Heir Northshield, THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger) Principality Seneschal, THL Richard of Cumberland (Richard Darnell) outgoing Polaris Herald, Lord Alasdair Calum Montgomery (Jack Welsh) incoming Polaris Herald, Master Julio Gava'n (James Cruise) outgoing Principality Earl Marshal, Vladimir Volcovich Syehvrnielesov (Harry Kahan) incoming Principality Earl Marshal, Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Heng) Principality Chirurgeon, THL Moira McVey (Mary Kay Roberts) Principality Exchequer, Fiona nic Aoidh (Lorine Horvath) Principality MOA&S, Lady Ravenna ingen A'eda (Robyn Quandt) Principality Chronicler

Marwen de la Rivere (Gretchen Skaff) incoming KEG Chairperson, and Lord Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen) Deputy Seneschal for Principality Events.

Minutes by Baroness Marisela the Vintner, (Barb Coenen), Stallari Council Secretary

Welcome to New Heirs and guests

Minutes -

July 28th- moved, seconded and approved.

September 8th - moved, seconded and approved.

Old Business

Coronet bid (two bids, see packet)

Shire of Midewinde (Minot, ND) and the Shire of Korsvag (Fargo, ND submitted bids. Moved, seconded and approved for the Shire of Korsvag to host the Spring 2002 Coronet.

Fiskr - Asked that we work on bids for the next 2 coronets at a time. He requested that he be able to publish the rotation onto the Northshield list. He also asked that this be put in the Northwatch that Stallari is accepting bids for Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 Coronets and that from now on we will be soliciting bids 12 -18 months ahead of the event. This is already in policy we just haven't been following it. We need to solicit for these bids.

Issues brought to Curia for action

No report for Kingdom on this.

Information Officer; Job description; books

Moved to the Exchequer's report.

Althing report

Lewina: Done in a different format. Waiting on the notes from THL Kateline atte Water (Lynn M. Olson) Deputy Seneschal for Althing. As a town hall meeting it was a success. Question raised as to what is an Althing and what is a Town Meeting. Althing is to generate lists of ideas, how we can complete these items, and set time frame for completion. No list of things needed to be done was generated at this Althing. Town Hall is a generation of opinions. Low attendance due to short notice, lack of publication, not run through the calendar and other nearby events. Fina: This is also a safety valve event. Report will be provided as soon as received.

New Business


Fiskr - Presented a document of pending plans. It is very detailed, as this will be setting the precedent for future events. They need to know what needs to be done about Royals.

Discussed cabin assignments - $15 per bed per night double occupancy to bed. At the last event already had requests for reservations.

Approved raising site fee from $5 to $10

Feast - Schattentor just not big enough to do feast. But feast is needed. Need another group to volunteer. Discussion of putting this up to bid.

Security - Discussion as to whether security is needed. Fina: Suggested asking the Knights of Northshield to each take a chunk time for security utilizing their household squires.

We need to have people volunteer in all areas.

Discussion: As a multi-kingdom event - each fighter can conform to their kingdom's armor standards but must abide by our weapon standards.

Northshield attendance is really necessary - 3rd weekend in May - Other Kingdoms have made a commitment to keep this date open on their calendars - Artemisia and Calontir.

Event coordinated among 3 kingdom events that if person attends an event will get points and if makes all 3 events has best chance to win some big prize.

Event site fee is fixed due to the fee set by the site owners.

Mistress Liadan is the autocrat. Question raised as to how much Principality wants to be involved in this event. Lewina - we are here to assist. Fiskr - What if we really screw this up will Principality take this event? General discussion of how Principality will or will not be involved, Principality contributes to rather than takes over. Contributing to prevent a group from really screwing up. Questions: Does the Principality calendar clear the entire calendar for this event? There is already a conflict on the calendar. Again distance is the deciding factor. Discussion is that only Coronet needs to have a clear calendar. Discussion as to whether this should be added to law regarding Principality event. Perhaps it should be discouraged but not prevented. If listed on the calendar as a Principality event it could discourage anyone from scheduling against it. Consensus - leave it as it is.

A & S

The Barony of Windhaven was approved for Spring A & S.

KEG: New Mission; New Chairperson; copy of old KEG info for reference (see packet)

From the Althing meeting we need to come up with a new mandate. Lady Ysolt stepped down due to modern concerns. The other KEG members nominated Marwen.


Our policy is that Respect is the key. We will put it straight on the table.

From now on there will be a change in the relationship and communication between the Stallari and the KEG. Speak plainly. If you think information is proprietary run it through the Coronet or Lewina. The KEG needs to report on a regular basis. We, as Coronet, have great confidence in Marwen.

Tatiana: Communication shouldn't completely depend on emails due to delivery failures, etc. and that if a response is required, pick up the phone. Aramanthra: If you don't get a response and it would be disturbing not to get a response, then printout the email and mail it with a stamp.

Discussion of current KEG members and their responsibilities.

Marwen: Great frustration as the KEG needs to know what are their jobs are and how do we know when we are done. The Coronet and Marwen set up a mandate. Aramanthra: The purpose of the mandate is to clearly define what the KEG is supposed to do. Marwen: Wants to see proposed laws, manuals, etc on the webpage, etc in downloadable form. Marwen: we will bring you drafts for you to vote on. Aramanthra: the KEG proposes, the Stallari disposes.

Mandate: As the mandate of the populace is to become a Kingdom, we will be working to guide Northshield through the process. This will include preparing drafts of purposed laws and policies. In addition, the populace will advise us regarding important issues such as awards, A&S etc. Suggestion was made to put this into law.

Moira: Finances is a big stumbling block. Most officers don't take their stipend so a realistic amount of money spent by the officers is not available. Aramanthra: need to make people aware that being an officer costs money. And that reimbursing an officer for part of the expense is not a bad idea. We need an idea what you've spent in the last year that you wouldn't have spent if not an officer. Baroness Ia did the financial policy based on what we had done in the past and the response was that we padded the need to stop the Kingdom advancement. Marwen: Some editing needs to be done on the brochure to better detail this. Fina: People don't understand what the Stallari does that is different than an officer on the local level. They don't understand that the Stallari part of this game is run like a business. Vlad & Alasdair: The Stallari officers need to submit all their expenses to show the paper trail of actual costs in running the Principality. Our job is to better educate people as to what the Stallari does.

Discussion on the decrease in donations to the Royalty travel fund since the push for the endowment fund.

Raito: My intention is to publish my financial statement when I step down. Aramanthra: we will submit everything we spend and take any unpaid balance off on our taxes. The main thing is that the populace needs to know what each officer does and what it costs to do this thing. Who will gather this information, write it in a coherent form and get it to the people? How will they get it to the people? Lewina: Suggested a Northshield annual report get published that would include what each Greater Officer does and spends including that of their deputies and lesser officers. We need to come up with a multiple list of ways of distributing this information.

Discussion on putting in place term limits for KEG officers. Aramanthra: We need to get the mandate into law and we need to set a deadline on the process. I want the KEG to tell me, in 3-4 months time, what has been done, what needs to be done and how long its going to take to get done. I want to make sure this is not an open-ended process. If these numbers tell us it's going to take a couple more years, then we need to discuss term limits. Once we have numbers and answers with a time-line, then we'll discuss term limits.

We need to revise and update policies (see packet) need deadline - Lewina: I want people to review the policies set a deadline with comments on the current policies. Marisela will send updated policies to Lewina and then distribute to GO. They will then review.

Kingdom Contingency Fund (see packet) - discussion of need. Fear is that the Principality donations will drop if this fund is set up.

Aramanthra: I have set up personal fund drive via candy sales. The funds are not intended for the endowment fund. Agreement that this should go to the general fund to build up towards the needs of the Kingdom. Another fundraiser being planned will be to name landmarks, roadways, lakes, etc. For example, I-94 could be named The Kings Highway. This will be done as a bid process. After completion, a period type map will be drawn that could be sold. Discussion on how to determine the name of the fund so that it still can be done within financial guidelines and still be available for current needs. Came up with Northshield Kingdom Treasury. Moira: There is a challenge in calling it any kind of fund as it is not being set up a separate from the general fund except for the purposes of accountability.


Report - There are two levels of communication - Aramanthra and Niklos for public communications or Nancy and Jim if you feel it is any type of proprietary information.

We are looking at ways to fund raise without putting additional burdens on the people.

We will enforce, politeness, courtesy and chivalry at all times. We can argue and discuss but if it gets out of hand we will shut it down. If you see anyone doing that or it is being done to you, contact us. Now is not the time to argue. Now is the time to become cohesive.

Both Vlad and Alasdair have our complete confidence. Any regional deputies are to be chosen by the individual doing the job.


Discussion of two applicants (see packet) Recommendation made to the Crown.

Next meeting - Boar's Head

Posted by: Marisela the Vintner Council Secretary (KLO) on 11/11/2001

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