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November 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetings brothers and sisters Northshield

As I am writing this I am preparing foranother Northshield Crown Tourney, I have no doubt it will be fought withhonor, and skill as many have in the past.

It is with great fondness I remember my firstCoronet Tourney I witnessed. The pageantry; the unbridled joy I saw on eachcombatant’s face as they presented their Consorts to the Crown; the honor ofeach Consort on the line as their fighter took the field; and the intensity ofeach fighter as they strove in joyous combat. That joy and intensity move mestill and I am humbled by the amount of training and preparation that go intoeach tournament.

For the last thirteen years, I have watchedNorthshield Coronet tourneys and now Crown tourneys. The man I was that dayyears ago had no clue all the tournaments I would witness much less that Iwould be the position I am today. I am truly blessed and thank Northshield forthis opportunity. For those of you who have never seen a Crown Tourney, Iencourage you to come and watch at least one--for each and every tournament isdifferent and amazing in its own way. Pageantry, skill at arms, honor, and sacrifice--allcombine to create a crown tournament--one of the great moments in the SCA. Whetherthey carry the day or not, each combatant strives to give all of us the magicalmoments we all cherish and hold so dear. I would thank each and every combatantwho has entered either a Crown or a Coronet Tourney, you have all served youkingdom well.

It is with this thought that I ask again thatany who would wish to be KEMsubmit there letters to me and to the crown before March 1, 2011.

Long live Northshield.

In Service,

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Posted by: Gunther KegSlayer Kingdom Earl Marshal on 11/1/2010

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