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Greetings Armored Combatants!

Spring should be arriving by the time that you receive this missive. I hope that you all are sharpening your swords and skills in preparation for the summer war season. I look forward to this being a great year for the Northshield Army under the command of Sir Kaydian.

The Society rules are undergoing a re-write and approval process. Once we have those updated Society rules, we will be updating and correcting the current Northshield rules. If you have any rules concerns, questions, clarifications, or problems with the way things are written, please feel free to send them to me at kacm@northshield.org so that I may address all concerns when the updates are applied to our rules.

The Marshal-in-Training (MIT) process:

If you wish to serve Northshield by marshaling, you will need to go through the MIT process. This is spelled out in the Northshield Marshal’s Administration Handbook, but I would like to include a few notes.

  • You must be an authorized fighter with at least two secondary authorizations.
  • You must contact your regional marshal in order to begin your paperwork and receive an MIT card.
  • You must attend several classes before you can be warranted including a Chirurgeon Cross-over class and an MIT training class. These are taught at the larger events such as Warriors and Warlords and Fighter’s School. If you need the classes, contact your Regional Marshal for scheduling.

You have a year or so to complete your MIT training. This is automatically extended to two years upon request of the MIT. You must show some sort of progress towards your warrant in order to get an extension. If you do not show progress (ie: taking classes and assisting at events), you may be removed as an MIT and required to start over again.

If you have any questions about the MIT process, you have a problem with the MIT process, or you are wondering where you stand, feel free to contact me. I will get to the bottom of it.

Have fun, and follow Kevin’s Rules™.

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Posted by: Cyveiliog McKinley Kingdom Armored Combat Marshal on 4/1/2006

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