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October 2010 Northwatch Missive


While not anexclusive list of what is going on, there are three theme-focused events that Iwant to draw to your attention this month.

Please considerinviting your group’s new members to be your guests when you attend Novices,Neophytes and Knaves on October 2. Foster their involvement in Society bysharing a great time of learning with them at an event directed at helpingnewer folk get involved.

On October15-17, The Youth Get a Castle, the Adults Get a Tent is an event just for thechildren of our Kingdom. The Youth-focused competitions and classes are beingheld in a castle, with plenty of room for games and other activities.

Then at the endof the month is an A&S geek-fest with three different workspaces for anynumber of disciplines. Brrrr....A Dern Cold Day in Hale Resurrected has awoodworking shop, a smithy/armoring shop and a large room with a kitchenavailable.

I would like toremind the groups’ MoASs that I have asked you to see that the Kingdom isalerted when your event websites make significant changes that include moreinformation about classes, competitions or other A&S activities. Thanks!

It is withappreciation of her service that I share that Lady Katlin Laurana Sewall, S.U.N.Chancellor, is stepping down in November. She organized our first officialStellar University of Northshield (S.U.N.) event in 2009 and is doing so againfor November 2, 2010. Katlin asked for and got approval for SUN to beofficially slotted as a Kingdom event on the second weekend of November of eachyear. Her work has strengthened awareness of what the Stellar University ofNorthshield can be and has laid the groundwork for her successors.

I am acceptingapplications for our next S.U.N. Chancellor. The successful applicant will havegood organizational and communication skills, as the position requires her/himto administer the Stellar University of Northshield events as well asencourage, coordinate and provide help and/or support for other A&Sclasses. The Chancellor also will be asked to serve as my ambassador at eventshe/she attends, providing visibility and accessibility, running meet-and-greetsand holding classes. For more information or to apply, please email me.

Have a greatOctober! And keep your hands busy!

Other missives from the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences
Posted by: Sorcha inghen Maille Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 10/1/2010

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