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Minutes from 07-28-01 - Rabid Yale Hunt

Stallari Council Meeting

July 28, 2001

Rabid Yale Hunt, Shire of Coldedernhale

In Attendance: HSH Kenneth die Katze (Ken Balder), HSH Leyla ibnat ash-Shamaal (Peg Balder) Princess of Northshield, THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger) Seneschal, THL Moira MacVey (Mary Kay Roberts) Exchequer, Master Julio Gava'n (James Kruse) Earl Marshal, Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Heng) Chirurgeon, HE Fiona nic Aoidh (Lorine Horvath) MOA&S, Lady Ravenna ingen A'eda (Robyn Quandt) Chronicler, and HL Richard Morgan of Cumberland (Richard Darnell) Herald, Lord Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larson), Deputy Principality Seneschal.

Minutes by Baroness Marisela the Vintner, (Barb Coenen)

  • Minutes
  • May 26, 2001 - The Greater Officers will approve this on the list.
  • Old Business
  • Trust Fund/Endowment - Leyla: Moira had not received the information from the bank so everything is still up in the air.
  • Proposed Coronet date changes
  • (1st two weekends in May and 1st two weekends in October)
  • Lewina: No changes as word has not been received from Kingdom as they haven't had a Curia. Richard: His Majesty Bardolph said if not done in time he would decree it. Leyla: We will aim for the first weekend in May.
  • Coronet bid deadline for Fall 2002
  • Fina: There is no deadline for the Spring Coronet yet so we need to set the deadline for both upcoming Coronets. General discussion about having the deadline be at the previous Coronet. Final decision to have it by Oct. 1st and April 1st. Leyla: We'll call this tentative until Curia decides their dates for Coronation/Crown Tourney.
  • Pavilion - see Exchequers section
  • KEG
  • Proposed financial brochure for Northshield
  • Leyla: Moira and I went into this and reviewed it. I'm very happy with what Baroness Ia has come up with.
  • Lewina will review Northshield policies for the definition of the KEG and post it to the GO list after Pennsic.
  • New Business


  • Updates from last meeting (see separate handout)
  • Marisela reported that the laws have been updated based on the previous Stallari minutes.
  • Regarding Principality officers serving on the KEG
  • Leyla: Greater Officers should not be spending their time on the KEG
  • Regarding Lesser Officers serving on the KEG. Fina: Lesser Officers should be allowed on the KEG subject to the Coronets approval (addition to Northshield policies rather than to laws)
  • Lesser Officers must subscribe to the Northwatch (addition to the laws)
  • Awards review - Richard: Most awards have been reviewed and were just corrected in the laws

Quest for Camelot's bid to become a Principality event(separate handout)

Fiskr presented a request for Quest for Camelot to become a Principality event. Leyla: we are reviewing this for next year. Moved, seconded and approved.

Northshield borders per the Middle Kingdom Cartographer

Discussion regarding the borders of Shattered Oak. Confirmed borders were defined by the Kingdom Cartographer and the Jamboree campground is within the boundaries of Shattered Oak.

Need to revise and update policies - tabled

KEG policy revisions - tabled

Revisit need for Information Officer

Leyla: asked that this be done on the list. We do need to consider this position in light of the Kingdom discussions. Fina: Suggested talking to the Kingdom Information Officer on this. Discussion as to which Greater Officer this would be a special deputy of - tabled


Report - no report


Report - no report

Coronet - Leyla: essentially a gladiatorial game


Reports (see handout) - late reports

Regional Deputies (see handout) - Can a local seneschal hold a position as a regional seneschal. Discussion with consensus that it is up to the Principality Seneschal.

Althing at WW (see handout)

One discussion was on letting a rapier fighter fight for Coronet. Fina said Corpora is real clear on that. Leyla: The Kingdom of Ansteorra is challenging the opposite gender of consort issue. Leyla: We might want to squash any obvious Corpora conflicts as they come up.

Althing in Shattered Oaks (see handout) in October. They are working on two different sites. Leyla: The purpose of this Althing is to let the populace know what is going on with the KEG.

Coronet bid packet update (see handout)

Lewina: Fiskr updated the bid package and has completed an introduction to the packet.

Incipient Shire of Vilku Urvas is going for full incipient status instead of proto-incipient

  • Exchequer (see handout)
  • Report - see attached
  • Pavilion/trailer
  • Richard: The trailer is broken and not designed to take this kind of weight. The axle is bent. We will probably have to get a replacement. As far as getting the pavilion to Pennsic, Baron Geoffrey has a plan on how to get the pavilion to Lord Randall of Turm am dem See. Leyla: We need to discuss getting a trailer that will hold everything and is completely enclosed.
  • Fund raiser position (application)
  • Lady Tarja will act as an interim fund raiser.
  • Raffle
  • Boar's Head - they would like to have a Principality raffle
  • Armorgeddon would also like to have one
  • Canadian Issue - still pending - see attached
  • Endowment/Trust Fund
  • Leyla: We want to get this as completed as possible this reign. Lewina: We will have to make a recommendation to Crown
  • Financial brochure - see above
  • Extension of office
  • Moira would like her replacement to step up after her Domesday and not at the January 12th night. The recommendation is to ask for applicants now. Moved, seconded and approved to extend Moira's warrant.
  • Additional discussion on having the seneschal extend 6 months to get through Domesday.
  • Discussion on the Pennsic money with regards to the showers



  • Second quarter reports are in.
  • Warrants are done and should have a list from Kingdom soon.


Has one application.

Deadline is Oct. 1st.

Discussion on information officer as deputy to chronicler.

Leyla asked Ravenna to define the duties of this office.

Lewina: Also need to talk to Moira as there was some confusion regarding the financial records before. Need to get fund raising split from information office revenue.


A&S Report

There was recent publication of non-reporting groups in the Pale.

Shires aren't required to have a MoAS. Most groups do not need a MoAS.


Recommendation sent to Kingdom. She now has permission to respond to all the candidates. Kingdom did go with her recommendation.

Marshal (see handout)

Archery - see attached

Armored Combat - see attached

Period Rapier:

Wants to present a receipt for another mask tester which he took out of his budget.

Rapier has less injuries but they are more catastrophic when they happen.

Marshal of Arms - will make this a deputy in the Principality rather than a lesser officer

Application for PEM

Discussion of current candidates.

Decision tabled to next meeting.

Herald (see handout)

Extension / application

Discussion of the candidate.

Plan is to have him primarily responsible for next Coronet.

Changeover will be Dec. 1st with him stepping up at Boars Head.

Badges - see attached

New procedures - see attached

Chirurgeon (see handout)

New Chirurgeons - see attached

WW Report - see attached

Pennsic - see attached

Vote - see attached

Next Meeting

Love Feast, Lub Siochial - September 8th

Posted by: Elaine de Beauchamp Council Secretary (KLO) on 7/28/2001

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