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July 2010 Northwatch Missive


Withthe change of seasons comes a change of officers. I, Guenievre, am now yourKingdom Thrown Weapons marshal (as you perhaps could tell by the subject lineof this missive). I hope to be of service to the TW community and helpkeep our nifty activity part of Northshield's martial arts at events and inlocal groups.

Withhuge heaps of gratitude do we send THL John Bartholomew of Flandersinto retirement - at least from this job! He has done so much to get TWstarted, and to keep it running, that he surely deserves some rest. But only alittle. (Just kidding, Jack!)

Oneof the neat things about TW is that, with proper safety zones and a few treestumps, it can be done nearly anywhere by anyone!  There are noauthorizations needed to throw an axe, knife or spear.

Oneof our biggest venues for Thrown Weapons is at WW, and this year Lord Toussaintis planning great things. I believe we will once again have a good location, soI anticipate having excellent turnout there.

Quarterlyreports were due June 1. I hope that I heard from *all* TW marshals --if onlyto tell me that you're alive and still interested in TW (and because I'm thenew KTW).

So,pretty please, TW marshals - take a few minutes to send in a report. Pleaseinclude your SCA name, modern name, SCA group, and tell us if there's been anyTW activity over the past three to six months.

-         WesternTW marshals, Hrothgar the Lucky is still your regional. If tw-west atnorthshield dot org does not work (he’s had difficulties with this reflector),send a direct email to kcaravans at hotmail dot com.

-         Central TW marshals, pleasesend a note to me via tw-central at northshield dot org.

-         Eastern TW marshals, one lastreport to Maewyn MacLachlin at tw-east at northshield dot org, if you please.

Iam opening up the East and Central Regional Deputy positions (many thanks toMaewyn for serving as the Eastern deputy!), so please consider applying. Thejob is low-stress and primarily consists of promoting TW at events andassisting your region's groups.

EnService ou Je Puisse,

Guenievredu Dragon Vert, CP, CR

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Posted by: Guenievre du Dragon Vert Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal (KLO) on 7/1/2010

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