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Minutes from 06-09-01 - Northshield Coronet

Stallari Council Meeting, June 9, 2001

Meeting held at Coronet Tourney

Hosted by the Barony of Jararvellir

In Attendance: HSH Kenneth die Katze (Ken Blader), Prince of Northshield, HSH Leyla ibnat ash-Shamaal (Peg Blader), HE Gaius Niklos Luctator (J.W. Walls), Lord Heir of Northshield, HE Aramanthra the Vicious (Nancy Read), Lady Heir of Northshield, THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger), Seneschal, Lady Moira McVey (Mary Kay Roberts) Exchequer, THL Julio Gava'n, James Kruse, Principality Earl Marshal, Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Heng) Chirurgeon, THL Richard of Cumberland (Richard Darnell) Polaris Herald, Viscountess Fina ingen A'eda (Lorine Horvath) Minister of Arts and Sciences, Lady Ravenna ingen A'eda (Robyn Quandt) Chronicler, Lady Ysolt Pais du Cuer (Laura Graeme) KEG Chairperson, Lady Catalina Navarra, (Tanya Kruse) Fundraising Coordinator, and Lord Fiskr Hamondsen (Jon Larsen) Deputy Principality Seneschal.

Minutes were taken by Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barbara White-Coenen), Stallari Council Secretary.

  • Minutes
  • Crown Minutes - Approved on the Greater Officers List
  • Old Business
  • Inter-kingdom/multi kingdom Events
  • Trust Fund, Law wording, Account (s)
  • Leyla - We still need to make sure our day to day finances are addressed. We need to look at a variety of options. There is not alot of confidence in the trust fund while the money is in the main account. People don't understand sub-accounts. In terms of building confidence, the public wants it in a separate account.
  • Discussion of the legal implications of a bank account vs. a separate trust. Moira - In a separate account we will lose about 3% interest. If set up in a CD we cannot add funds to it. I can publish what comes in and what comes out in the Northwatch which might be easier to understand than the official published report. Kenneth - If that doesn't clarify it than at the next Stallari meeting we can discuss it again.
  • Moira asked how anonymous donations should be handled. Leyla - You should just state a thank you to those who donated and the amount.
  • Coronet date for Spring 2002
  • Suggested dates are the first two weeks in May and the first two weeks in October. Leyla -Kingdom is nailing down their dates so then we need to nail down ours.
  • Fiskr - brought up Quest for Camelot as they can't move dates due to the tourist season causing a lack of hotel space.
  • KEG - Ysolt
  • They've set up a FAQ webpage off of the Shire of Shattentor's webpage. They are continuing to evolve what is on it and have integrated information from the Althing notes and what individuals are responsible for in each task group. The task groups are: finances, laws, PR, officer issue, marshal activities, award structure and issues of distance.
  • PR - These are tasks we can attend to and publish relatively quickly to show what has been done and to show that the perceptual ball is rolling and things are getting done.
  • Distance - Once we go kingdom some people believe this won't be a problem. This issue won't go away.
  • Perception is that as soon as we go kingdom we'll break into principalities like North and South Dakota. The KEG wants to create a unifying rather than a dividing effect.
  • All task groups are interwoven, finances have to be written in law, A&S involves finance, etc.
  • Task group heads report monthly or more often to Ysolt.
  • A report will be made at each Stallari meeting.
  • Webpage - Any written comments should be sent to the Chair.
  • Not all keg members have their own task groups. Some are just working on other task groups based on their interests. These were prioritized on factors such as time, if absolutely required, if research is needed, perception of populace as perceived importance, etc.
  • Members meet whenever two or more are at an event. The structure is developing. The future intent is to have office hours at events. The KEG member is to let the appropriate Stallari officer know what they are doing.
  • Moira - Much general discussion on the limited numbers of people receiving their information from the Northwatch with many depending on the Northshield Hall for the information, an unofficial source. Marisela - Stallari officers could have published hours on the hall. General consensus to try this. Lewina will make up a schedule to be published in the Northwatch. People are to be informed that they shouldn't respond to a question until the Officer in the Hall that day has had a chance to respond to it.
  • Coronet - Spring 2002
  • Inner Sea has been approved for the Spring 2002 coronet.
  • It was decided that they raise their feast fee $2 as a buffer to expenses.
  • It was also suggested not to divide one room due to space.
  • They were sent guidelines about committees, jobs of each committee and time frame.
  • Lewina - one of the major concerns of the little groups is they are hesitant to autocrat Principality events due to manpower, site, regalia, etc. This is a constant thing in the group reports. Other groups can come to help you.

New Business


Laws updates

  • Leyla - lots of changes need to be fixed in the law. Discrepancies are being noted as they are found. We need to fix this stuff. Lewina has prepared a law packet.
  • Concern has been brought up that things are put on the GO list and nothing gets done. These will be dealt with at the end of the July meeting.
  • Discrepancy noted - Do we want the lesser officers to have to subscribe to the Pale and Northwatch? General agreement was yes. The Laws will be corrected.
  • Law Changes in the PEM Office
  • Julio - Changes were made to some of the special deputies in order to move more in alignment with Kingdom. The lesser officers will report directly to PEM who then reports to Kingdom rather than the lesser officer sending reports directly to Kingdom.
  • The Marshal of Arms is not needed on the bureaucratic level but is needed to be more in line with Kingdom. This might just be the title used for the emergency deputy. As the position will be important to have on a ceremonial level we'll wait and see how it develops.
  • Richard - This allows more flexibility at the PEM level which would allow an archery marshal to be the PEM instead of just a heavy weapons marshal.
  • Service Awards
  • Regarding the Northern Cross - needs to be changed on the Internet and the MidRealm. Richard -this is not a law change just a correction.
  • Lewina - asked Richard to go through all the awards and review for discrepancies such as whether an award is an "award" or an "order".
  • References to Corpora
  • Moira - At the exchequer symposium anything that is in are our laws referring to a specific part of corpora should not state section but just "refer to Corpora" or "See Corpora".
  • Publication of Updates
  • Leyla - Curia needs to know these at their July meeting. Stallari members are to have any suggested changes to Lewina by July 1st so that we have this ready to go to Curia at WW. Lewina - I will ask to have this on the agenda for Curia. Most are things for clarification not actual law changes.
  • Warranted Officer wording
  • Lewina - offered a suggested change of wording for clarification.


  • LLH
  • No report at this point in time.
  • They will not be able to make the July meeting.
  • Aramanthra - This is our 26th year at Pennsic with the household so we will not be camping with Northshield.


New group

One is forming in Litchfield, MN

Regional Deputies (see attached)

As previously discussed the use of Regional Seneschal Deputies is not to add another layer of bureaucracy or another layer of reports. The goal is have people in the community who might get a whiff of a situation of concern and to try and have more communication available. Once we are closer to becoming a Kingdom, we'd have the regions more in place and then reports would be added.

KEG members as Greater Officers

Richard - What is the Stallari opinion regarding the Regional Deputies serving on the KEG? Leyla - If a KEG member wants to be GO they must choose. Concerning lesser officers let's table it and put it on the list. We need to decide a policy on this and we need to discuss this and add it to the next agenda.

  • Update on new and proposed items for web page
  • These items have been submitted to Randall to update on the page, with the exception of the Event location packet:
  • Update of Seneschals
  • Press release form
  • PDF for change of office form
  • Principality bid packet plus flow chart
  • Complied reporting schedule for all officers on ONE page
  • Event location packet (coming from author)
  • MoC web page - she would like to speak to Randall and Ravenna regarding a home page for children. Lewina - I told her to work out a proposal on how to get it done. Challenged her to build the office.


  • Report - see attached
  • Fund Raising -
  • Lord Michael of Stonehaven has stepped down as a Fund Raising Coordinator. Moira and Marisela volunteered to help at the fund raiser table at WW.
  • Leyla - Asked that GO not volunteer at major events as in autocrat or feastocrat during their reign. They can sit at troll and/or help out in other ways.
  • T-shirts/jackets/hats etc. -Regarding the company "Not What It Seems" - The concern is that we don't appear to have any control as to what they use on their t-shirts. They didn't charge us any setup fees and they want to produce patches. They will sell it to us at $3.50. Leyla - asked if any of our heraldic things are copyrighted? No. Leyla -We are dealing with them as a contractor of a product. If they put their business card on their product they will generate requests for other info. Moira - They will cut a check to Northshield once a month. Leyla - Let's have them make 20 compass roses and 20 griffins each and see how they sell to determine supply and demand.
  • Canadian Issue (update) - nothing has been heard. Moira - recap - Michael of Stonehaven's banners, etc were confiscated by the border patrol. We lost $900 net of Principality merchandise for fundraising. This has been appealed but they won't release info to her as it has to come from Michael. Tatiana - Also confiscated were 35 banners owned personally by an individual.
  • Trailer -
  • Moira - Giovanna will co-ordinate the use of the trailer and Viscount Tarrach will help. It is in her garage. Matthew has kydex to complete the sides of the trailer as it currently has open sides.
  • Moira - The Society does not want the SCA to own any trailers. The license has expired and no one knows who handled the original licensing. The Stallari needs to know do we want to maintain ownership? Kenneth - until BOD comes along and says we can't own it, then lets just title it. Moira- The trailer is not insured for liability. Minnesota is the only state that requires licensing. Tatiana - A plate is required in Canada. Kenneth - If Minnesota is the only one that requires it, we should license it.
  • Trailer rental policy - Fiona moved to adopt the pavilion policy as written and Leyla volunteered to read it into court at Spring Fling. Leyla -If it is a Principality event then the Principality foots the bill for the tent as we are earning money from the event and this is one of the Principality's costs of the event. For non-Principality events, the tent is not required and it is up to the group to decide if they want this as part of their event cost. . Leyla - Pennsic is a Principality event and the pavilion is part of the Principality event fund and not part of the Griffin's Gate fund. Second, approved.
  • Bill from Schattentor
  • The trailer was missing a tire, chain, etc. The $48 dollar bill was to get those things necessary to transport the pavilion to Schattentor. Moved & seconded & approved to pay.
  • Pennsic Mayor
  • Moira - I have funds to disburse such as the Grimm's tent.
  • Leyla - no Grimms tent this year as they are building showers.
  • Principality Fund-raiser - see above.
  • Pavilion Use Policy - see above
  • Society financial policy
  • Moira -Current financial decisions are made by the exchequer, seneschal, Crown and Kingdom. Kingdom Curia - would like this amended to make it a vote of the Stallari council. Moira will write up the proposed changes. She moved that the finance committee of the Principality become the Stallari. Moved, seconded and approved.


Report - no report

Space considerations in Northwatch

  • Ravenna- will discuss this with event coordinators and officers when space is a consideration.
  • The need is to keep it to 55 cent size.


Will publish application request in the next Northwatch.


  • A&S Report - no report
  • Northshield Hall office hours- Would like June 25th for her web office hours.
Review of applications
  • There are four applications. General discussion on qualifications. Recommendation forwarded to Crown.
  • Event Idea - has an idea for something A&S during Kenneth and Leyla's reign but, will get to them personally.


  • Report
  • Principality Youth Coordinator
  • As this is a deputy the Stallari doesn't have to vote of this
  • Discussion of candidates. Recommendation made.


  • Report
  • Internal Submissions
  • Will be beginning in September at the request of Kingdom.
  • Lady Moraig will take this on. This means that Northshield submissions will go directly to Lady Moraig. She will act as a clearinghouse, create the letter of intent and take care of the money.
  • This is going in his next Northwatch letter and has also been published in the Pale.

Knowne World Symposium report -

It was a reasonable success. 115 attended from as far away as Finland but still disappointed in attendance specifically from Northshield.


One person has expressed an interest but no applications have been received. I also will be putting in another request for applicants in the Northwatch.

  • Book of Ceremonies -
  • Will print copies of this for everyone.
  • The only thing we were missing was the formal approval from on high. They have now approved the Book of Ceremonies.
  • All ceremonies have been used at one time of another.
  • The proposed ceremonies for the Crwth and Pyxis are optional ceremonies.
  • A champions ceremony is also there.
  • The original Northshield and Viscounty ceremonies are there. Leyla said to check with Corpora and the Middle Kingdom to see if the Viscounty is at the prerogative of the Coronet and not the Crown.



  • Requested that Stallari request a report from the group for those events that they attend. Needs a report even if nothing happened. If there is an accident - email me.
  • Rapier Survey /Heat Injuries
  • Gave Julio a copy of the rapier survey.
  • Lady Margaret is also working on another one as a postcard regarding heat injuries: heat cramp, heat injuries, heat stroke. Examples of things to look for would include: what is the person's temperature, what is there pulse, what to do to assist etc. Also has a note to the Marshals to adjust the event based on the heat index.
  • Misconceptions
  • There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the chirurgeonate due to the recently published changes. People who have EMT or higher medical certifications do not have to go through the regular warranting process. They will have to make an effort to work with the Kingdom Chirurgeon at an event for evaluation. To set this up, they need to go to the Kingdom Chirurgeon.

Present status

There are 17 chirurgeons and 2 apprentices.

Next Meeting

At Rabid Yale Hunt in Pierre, SD. Leyla - we'll try to do it on Saturday, if not the will be on Sunday. Julio - Will get hotel info as it is a camping event.

Posted by: Elaine de Beauchamp Council Secretary (KLO) on 6/9/2001

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