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July 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetings oh great people of Northshield.

Well, War Season is upon us in full force. Asalways I say travel safely, play nice, and most importantly have fun. If youare making the trek to the disputed lands, see you there!

A little news for you all,

First. I have selected the new Transitionsand New Groups Deputy. Drum roll please--It is will be Elspeth O’Leary from theBarony of Windhaven. You will find her information in the Kingdom Directory atthe back of this publication. If your group is in need of information fortransitioning to another level or you know of anyone wishing to form new groups,please contact Elspeth.

Second. As of right now I have not yetreceived any applications to become the next Kingdom Seneschal when I stepdown. Let me just say, it does surprise me because of all the jobs I have hadin service to the Society, whether locally, regionally, or on Kingdom level,this has been rewarding, interesting, challenging as well as a lot of fun. Itis a great way to serve your Kingdom and the Society, and really see the innerworkings of how things happen in this life we have.

Lastly. As you are aware, there are changesafoot concerning the Charitable groups designation within the state of Wisconsin. There will besome affect on how we do things in our Kingdom, but they should not be sodramatic as to prevent us from enjoying ourselves within that area. Exchequers,I know you are in close contact with the good Baron Rodrigo, our KingdomExchequer, and thank you for your work. Seneschals, make sure you work closelywith your Exchequer. Members of groups, please know that as information becomesavailable either myself or HE Rodrigo will pass it on. He is working closelywith not only our groups and his Society superiors, but the modern-dayofficials as well, to make sure that everything we do is not only legal and butdoesn’t interfere with what we do.

Well, that’s it for this month. Remember yourKingdom needs you! Check out the help wanted section on page _____. See you inAugust.

Your humble servant


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Posted by: David de Bohun Kingdom Seneschal on 7/1/2010

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