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September 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetings and Salutations,


Amazing as it is, we have made the transferover for Wisconsin groups to the SCA-Wisconsin,Inc. subsidiary. All branch Exchequers jumped on this issue as soon as we hadthe appropriate paperwork and made the transition happen. As many of you know,going through the headaches of getting signatures on accounts and getting thebank to approve the paperwork is a challenge. So please take the time to thankthe people who came together to get the accounts opened and the new signatureson the new accounts for addressing this so diligently.


As of yet, I don’t have any more news on theMichigan transfer to a subsidiary group but expect to find more information atPennsic and October’s letter should have the details.


The Stallari is discussing the future of theNorthshield Pavilion. The condition of the roof canvas is deteriorating and infrequent repair. We speculate that there are at the very least 2 more years oflife in the canvas and possibly more. Rather than being in a situation where weare reacting to the Pavilion’s eventual demise, we are trying to proactivelyplan for the future. Part of that plan is determining what the populace ofNorthshield would like to see happen. There is a poll at that gathers some data to assist us inunderstanding the desired future. There is also a donation box in theNorthshield Pavilion at all the events its set up at where we are hoping thatthe populace will donate to the maintenance, travel expenses, and potentiallyfuture solution for the Northshield Pavilion. This same donation box has somepaper with it where this survey can be filled out on the spot and put in thebox (please only fill it out once and either online or on paper).


We realize that there have been challengeswith the existing Pavilion such as effort to put up/keep up/take down due tothe size, expense to transport it, and difficulty in getting it across theKingdom to various events. Some concepts that are being considered are: replacingthe existing canvas; purchasing 1 large replacement; purchasing two-threesmaller replacements that can be strung together for 1 large space when needed;storing the existing Pavilion at Pennsic to only be used there (saving traveland elongating the life) once a replacement solution has been found for inKingdom events; having groups sponsor the replacement with events donating aportion of the income; fundraising that doesn’t interfere with the normalfundraising that helps keep our Kingdom and Royalty going (don’t rob Peter topay Paul); and potential ways to store and/or transport several smallerpavilions across the Kingdom. If you have ideas, please use the commentssection of the survey above (even if you want to enter more comments later) orthe comment cards on the donation box within the Northshield Pavilion.



**Tipof the Month:A very pertinent tip, difficulty in opening new accounts and/or gettingsignatures of people who are not located within the group. The specificdirections for opening a new account can be found at ‘trick’ when doing so is to open theaccount with all the local signatories that are to be on the account and thenonce open, put in a second request to have the Kingdom Exchequer or other remotesignatories on the account. Thus you can usually open the account much quickerand the lengthy and difficult effort of getting remote signatories on theaccount won’t interfere. Some banks can be obstinate about having allsignatories there to sign, this is not a reality. Thousands of businessesacross the country do not have all their officers in one location to be able tosign at a bank branch, so there are procedures for getting remote signatorieson business accounts. Sometimes you need to ask to speak with the bank managerto push the issue. Remember we are a non-profit 501c3 and frequently that willgive you a free checking and savings opportunity, so make sure you ask aboutthat if the banker hasn’t already offered such.




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Posted by: Rodrigo de Montoya Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 9/1/2010

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