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August 2010 Northwatch Missive

By the time you read this I hope you havesubmitted your Second Quarter Reports to me. If not, you’re late as of August1st and please email or call me to make arrangements to get these to me as soonas possible. Electronic copies are fine, especially if you have the ability toscan your signed copy and June bank statements.


Still a hot topic!! The moving of the Wisconsin groups to the SCA-Wisconsin,Inc. subsidiary is all set and ready to go! As of the time of writing thisletter, the Articles of Incorporation have been written and we have an newfederal tax ID for SCA-Wisconsin, Inc. This has been distributed to theWisconsin Exchequers. We’re currently waiting for the by-laws, however mostbanks don’t require that for opening a new account and probably by the timeyou’re reading this that has been completed as well. We’ve asked our Wisconsin groups to act fastand close their accounts and reopen new ones under the new tax ID’s by July 21, 2010(giving us a 10 day buffer to deal with any issues). Our first meeting atBorders Skirmish with the Society Exchequer was very informative, we’ll havedone a follow-up and all-Exchequer meeting at WW by this time as well.


More news!!! Michigan will be the nextstate to become a subsidiary corporation of the SCA. This state is not givingus a deadline but the Board of Directors is going to be aggressive in gettingthis done this fall some time. This will be rather interesting as Michigan has two Kingdomsthat have groups in it (Northshield and the Midrealm), so we’ll have tocoordinate this effort between the Kingdoms and make sure it goes smoothly aswell.

I would like to officially welcome and thankour new Western and Eastern Regional Exchequers, Juliana Foxcroft and MichaelSt. Christen respectively.  If you haven’tbeen in contact with your regional exchequer regarding having a ‘review of thebooks’ and are due, please contact them and arrange a time when this can occur.

**Tipof the Month:Does your group have a written guide for running or working at troll and isthis guide readily available to all those who work troll? If not, you shouldwrite one and make sure it’s easily available for those who are working troll. Itshould include things like: no refunds or payments out of the cash drawer,information on how refunds are handled, procedures for balancing the cashdrawer, what NMS is and why it must be paid, how to handle donations if peoplewant to donate funds, what to do with foreign currency or checks, etc.

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Posted by: Rodrigo de Montoya Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 8/1/2010

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