The Three Baronesses of Castel Rouge The Three Baronesses of Castel Rouge

June 2010 Northwatch Missive


We are heading into crazy busy event season and I hope you are as excited as I am. June starts of with Rumble in the
Forest, featuring bardic activities, and also Mermaid Attacks! with an aquatic themed A&S Competition, both June 4-6. Then June 11-13, you can travel out of kingdom to one of three large events. Border Skirmish is usually thought of as a fighting event but check out the A&S competitions there; one is a woodworking competition and will have some very choice entries, I'm sure. Or you can stay in  kingdom to attend Feud, Glorious Food!, an event where "all activities earn your team points" and that includes A&S participation. That's spiffy.

There are a lot of really nice events and not enough room to mention all of them; do check out the advertisements in this publication. At Morrish Tavern, the Period Encampment Challenge is fun. Make an effort to participate in their "annual tour of homes" if you can.Last year, Þórbjörn was enthusiastic about his pottery--I wonder what he's been doing this year? Someone go and then tell me--I hope to make this one but am not sure I can. Warrior & Warlords is featuring three levels of competition, so anyone can find a compatible competition level. Display level does not require registration, but Judged and Master-Level do. Contact me if you need forms and can't get to a computer.

Group MoAS, this next month in the email list we will be discussing your awareness of who is participating in event competitions and teaching opportunities. Thank you to everyone who is sharing their comments and ideas.

And everyone! Keep your hands busy and your teaching hearts generous!

Cheerfully Yours in Service,


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Posted by: Sorcha inghen Maille Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences on 6/1/2010

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