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June 2010 Northwatch Missive

By the time this missive reaches you, it willbe June, and time for many outdoor activities. This is the fun time of theyear, but also can be the dangerous time. While one can do things without theprotective gear or precautions, often without bad effects, when things gowrong, it is nice to have the right gear. About two weeks ago, on a beautifulday, I put on a leather jacket and helmet, and hopped on my motorcycle to headto a meeting at the office, followed by nursing home rounds in the next town. Threehouses from home, I started a turn and hit a patch of gravel on the asphalt. Instantly,I was on my side on the asphalt, the 340 lb motorcycle on my right ankle. I hada gouge in the ankle, road rash on the right knee, and a mild fracture of theleft wrist where the handlebar had kicked back. My torso, protected by theleather jacket, was undamaged, and the helmet had deep gouges which wouldotherwise have gone into my face and head. I’m still limping, but recovering,thanks to good protective gear.


In the SCA, we fortunately have armorstandards, but other activities, such as smelting or even archery haveprotective gear which can save body parts in the case of an accident. Pleaseuse them.


The warranted chirurgeons of Northshield areKenric Bjaranrson, Giles Devon, Margalit Medicus, Fiona the Younger, Cu’gan-matthairMacMuirchearthaigh, Aleksandr Vasilevich Lev, Gavin Mac Aonghusa, TatianaMarana Melville, Foacault de la Monte, Chiere de Chenonceaux, Douglas of Yorke,Ruadnait inghean Ragnaill, and Randolf the Wanderer. Apprentices are Stefan izBeloozero and Coenrad of Windhaven. If your name is not on this list, and youfeel it should be there, please contact me. Likewise, if you wish to beremoved, please let me know. All warranted chirurgeons and apprentices, pleasemake sure I have your latest credentials: member card, CPR, and 1st aid orbetter.


As a last item, for marshals, seneschals, andevent stewards, remember that if there is a chirurgeon at your activity, be itevent, fighter practice, or meeting, let him or her know of any ambulance callsor hospitalizations, and if there is not a chirurgeon present, let me know (aswell as the Kingdom Marshal for all fighting injuries).


In service,

Other missives from the Retired Office
Posted by: Kenric Bjarnarson Retired Office on 6/1/2010

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