Katsuo Toyaoka Katsuo Toyaoka

May 2010 Northwatch Missive

Unto the Populace of Northshield doth Kenricsend greetings on this day when the temperature hit 80 for the first time thisyear.


Yes, Spring is in the air, and we are allgetting outside and using those muscles which, for many of us, have remainednearly dormant all Winter. I went out running two days ago, and found myselfwoefully out of shape. With this in mind, I encourage everyone to get out andget back into activity, but pace yourselves. Slowly building back up yourathletic ability is better and safer than going all out the moment you realizeyou need to be ready for the Summer season.


Chirurgeons, I do not have updatedcredentials for many of you. Please either mail, e-mail (gif preferred), orhand me your most current CPR and First Responder (or equivalent or better)cards.


To do the last, please note that I am stillplanning to attend Crown Tourney, Quest for Camelot, and Moorish Tavern.


In service,

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Posted by: Kenric Bjarnarson Retired Office on 5/1/2010

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