Magisterfrater Giles Devon, on the archery line Magisterfrater Giles Devon, on the archery line

Minutes from 05-26-01 - Midrealm Crown

Stallari Council Meeting

May 26, 2001

Middle Kingdom A&S and Crown Tourney

In Attendance: HSH Saeric Scireham (Steve Traylor) Prince of Northshield, HSH Yasamin al-Hadiyya (Stephanie Skaff) Princess of Northshield, HE Kenneth die Katze (Ken Balder) Lord Heir Northshield, HE Leyla ibnat ash-Shamaal (Peg Balder) Lady Heir Northshield, THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger) Seneschal, Lady Moira MacVey (Mary Kay Roberts) Exchequer, THL Julio Gava'n (James Cruise) Earl Marshal, Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Heng) Chirurgeon, HE Fiona nic Aoidh (Lorine Horvath) MOA&S, Lady Ravenna ingen A'eda (Robyn Quandt) Chronicler, and HL Richard Morgan of Cumberland (Richard Darnell) Herald

Guests: THL Clarissa Wykeham, Dragon Herald

Minutes taken by Lady Tatiana Marana Melville

Minutes from Fighter School March 3, 2001

II(c) 2. Yasamin noted that she did not make this decision on her own.

IV(b) Regarding the comment "HSH Yasamin said that the Coronet always has the right to do anything without the advice of council.". Yasamin says that this is not what she meant. She was trying to say that the Coronet is required to listen to the advice of council but can make decision contrary to that advice if they so choose.

VI(i) Point of information: Calendars do not change much from what is posted. Would like to see the deadline be 10 days earlier for calendar stuff. Leyla will address this issue.

VII(a) Yasamin did not state that Nordskogen always acts as the sponsor for Dance Seminar she is aware that it is not. Nordskogen sponsored it for just that instance.

VII(b) 2. Though it may have come across that way when stated the Shire of Korsvag will collate items but would like to be asked first. They do not just want it to be that they will be "expected" to do it. They are a small group.

VII(c) 4. Spending must be approved by the financial committee which is the Exchequer, the Coronet, and the Seneschal. (This is in policy as reference by Moira from the Exchequer manual.) This section states "HSH Yasamin said that she'd like to see anything that states that a non-budgeted item requires Stallari approval." What was meant to be conveyed was that if Stallari approval is needed then this needs to be written down somewhere so that if someone wants to find the information they can reference it in writing. Where ever this is written it needs to reflect the policy from the exchequers handbook.

Minutes to be approved with amendments. Moved, Seconded and approved.

2 (a) Inter-kingdom Events

The Society Seneschal has been contacted and presently there are no rules for inter-kingdom events but they are being worked on. Clarification was asked on what exactly an Inter-kingdom event is. Does it work off the principle where profits and volunteer hours are split? It was suggested that we could present to the Kingdom a proposal where Northshield and Middle split part of profit and the other Kingdom gets the rest of the money. It is thought that Quest for Camelot is not considering Inter-kingdom at this time though they may be considering Principality Level.

(b) Trust Fund - tabled for next meeting

(c) Bid for Fall Coronet

Yasamin spoke with Michael last weekend and he had been under the impression that if their group was to hold the event they had to do it alone. It was suggested that he contact the Baron and Baroness of Nordskogen. Lewina spoke to Michael and used the Windhaven Coronation model as an example which used committee heads from other groups.

Discussion ensued regarding the Feast price that they want to charge. It was decided that they will be asked to charge $10.00 per head for the feast. It was stated that the extra money can help cover expenses elsewhere if the event runs over budget. Also if there is extra money they can choose to hold another event and "give it back". Julio pointed out that he was reading previous minutes and that this had happened with Inner Sea last time that they had put in a bid and they were asked at that time to up their prices. Other concerns were regarding the site space. It was asked that they be told not to cut the room in half. There needs to be at least one list of legal dimensions. Another suggestion was that they wait two weeks, until after Coronet, to finalize the theme. Yasamin will contact Michael.

Saeric moved to accept the bid, Fiona seconded, approved.

Coronet Bid Deadline for Spring 2002

This will need to be discussed at a future meeting. Curia needs to get back to us at WW regarding changing the dates for Coronets in the future. The time frame being looked at is reserving the first two weekends in May and the first two weekends in October for Northshield. The letter soliciting new bids will not go out until after WW.

It was suggested that in the future if a bid is submitted that does not follow the guidelines it should be given back to the group, along with a copy of the bid package, to redo.

Pavilion - see Exchequer

Was noted that since WW is not a Principality event they will have to pay to rent the pavilion.

(f) KEG

It was noted that Northshield has a bad reputation. If information is needed by the KEG members they should be going through the appropriate Stallari Officer to get that information. It was asked if the KEG purpose was to educate the populace or just to go through the process to make us go kingdom. The impression gotten from the populace is that the KEG is going to be the committee that does the paperwork to go kingdom. It was noted that the KEG is not currently asking questions of the populace because they need to be informed before they go out to the populace. The populace does not have an informed idea of what it meant or would take to go kingdom

It was noted that there is an opinion out there in the populace that the Stallari members are to have no information on the KEG and are to have no opinions on the KEG, that they need to be kept completely separate. Lewina, Leyla and Kenneth will speak to Ysolt regarding this incorrect impression. It was also stated that we need to narrow the communications gap between the Stallari and the KEG.

(a) It was requested of the Kingdom Earl Marshal at Curia that the coronet be told when Regional champions are being chosen at an event. This is so that the Royalty can make an effort to be at the event - it seems that they are expected to be there.

At present Julio has no direct authority. Kingdom wants to change laws so that the Principality lesser officers report to the PEM. They want to establish a Marshal of Arms who looks after armored combat in the Principality - this is to try to reflect the Kingdom organization. Julio is to write up the new laws and try to bring to the next Stallari meeting. Corpora is very straightforward as to how the Kingdom related to the crown. The KEM will be in on the choosing of the new PEM candidates earlier in the process.

The KEM has relative power - he can trump the Crown regarding list items. In interpretation of the rules the KEM is absolute. The BOD has invalidated reigns because the Crown overruled the EM.

It should be kept in mind that any changes to the EM position will affect other offices when future changes come up. These changes will occur as we try to fashion our organizational structure to be a Kingdom.

Clarissa stated, on behalf of the Kingdom officer, that if you feel that you want to change or move please talk to your Kingdom officer. Frankly the Kingdom officers are busy and they may not think of the stuff that you might.

4. TSH

Nordskogen is slated to do pavilion painting in June. Leoiln Gofar will be looking after this. They would like hardcopies of the devices so that they can be copied. It is difficult to come up with the correct picture from the heraldic description. It was noted that people have been asked to submit pictures of their devices.

It was suggested that while in court at WW perhaps TH Kenneth and Leyla could point out the newly painted designs. This might help to sell more panels and dags.


(a) Leyla would like to see a change in the minutes format. - tabled for the next meeting.

(b) There needs to be a law correction from Tristan and Elika's court at WW. The law was read into court but after the storm it never made to the appropriate place. To be tabled for the next meeting.

  • Seneschal
  • Reports - She has been getting reports in and has a list of those groups.
  • Regional Deputies - Would like to see more regional deputies. It was noted that we need to know that the exact regions are. This section should be renamed Principality Office Structure Changes and be tabled for the next meeting. Arianna agreed that we need regionals for the seneschal position. Lewina's position should mirror Arianna's. One caution is that if there are four regions that it will just add one more layer of bureaucracy.
  • See (d)
  • Web Updates - Lewina would like to contact Randall regarding some items. Ravenna was fine with that she just would like to be copied. There are a couple of items from the last meeting that have not yet been looked after. Randall is thinking of restructuring the website to make it more user friendly.
  • Event Packet - Fiona will look into the electronic version of the event site packet.
  • Misc. - Lewina has a proposal from a seneschal who wants to go through the former Pales and pull out policies and letters. She will speak with this individual more regarding this.

  • Exchequer
  • Report - Giovanna thinks that $90.00 for a storage unit is much too expensive so she will be storing everything including the pavilion.
  • Pavilion Coordinator - There seems to be no job description for this job so Moira will draft a copy for the next Stallari meeting. Also with the trailer licensing issues do we need to limit this position age wise?
  • Fundraising - Yasamin brought up that Knot What it Seams has offered to sell embroidered shirts for the Principality. Moira has their card and will contact them regarding this. Ravenna has copied the four well versed issues. Yasamin will provide a copy of the Well Camped issue so that that can be reprinted as well. It was decided to reproduce more tabards to replace the ones lost in the border crossing incident. Moira will contact Sabina to get information on the printer that she used and to see if they still have the screen.
  • Canadian Issue - Moira received a letter from the Canadian government stating that they could not release any information to her without Lord Michael of Stonehaven's permission. She had received that in writing and has sent it in and is waiting for a response.
  • Trailer - The trailer tags are expired and no one seems to know what address it is registered to. The SCA has decided that trailers cannot belong to groups. They have to belong to an individual and that individual needs to license it. The Principality can reimburse the insurance amount. Will speak to a couple of people who may have information regarding the tags and when they need to be tagged and in which states. Also the trailer is not adequate for the pavilion. It is made of slats and has no top. If it rains while it is being transported it gets wet and dirty. The tarps have been replaced but need to be replaced often with them flapping in the wind when it is being transported.
  • Principality Property - None of the Principality property is insured. This includes the regalia, the pavilion and the trailer. Moira stated that she would like to see the royalty take out insurance riders to cover regalia. Leyla stated that she has looked into this and because the regalia is not worth more than it is, her insurance company will not do a rider for it. It was decided that we need expert insurance information. Also it was asked that perhaps we need to find out what Kingdom is doing regarding this issue.
  • Pavilion Policy - The pavilion has been rented twice. Moira asked what the Stallari's opinion was on the deposit checks. Should they be cashed or should it be held. Moira feels that it should be cashed since it provides a paper trail which is easier to account for in reports. The group would then be reimbursed. It was mentioned that perhaps the check might bounce and it was pointed out that they should not be renting the pavilion if they cannot afford the deposit and that is against the law to knowingly write a check that your account cannot cover. It was noted that a list should be drawn up of people who know how to set up the pavilion.
  • Pay to Play etc - Moira attended the Seneschal and Exchequers Symposium and there was an idea brought up that she thought has merit and might work in Northshield. Have an entire camping event geared towards fundraising. Have items that raise money such as:
  • Coffee Bar
  • Lunch
  • Pie a "whomever"
  • Dunk a Royal
  • Anti Auction ( HE Therica has the rules etc on this)

It was thought that this could be arranged for the summer of 2002. Further discussions on other aspects of Pay to Play are tabled until the next meeting.

Misc - Moira would like to see all officers work "office Hours" at the fundraisers table . The consensus was that we need to know when the fundraisers will be at events and which ones so we can plan it.

Exchequer corpora issues are tabled until the next meeting.

Moira also noted that there seems to be a problem with the e-mail addresses. People are not getting all of their mail. It was noted that perhaps we should use direct e-mail address when we know them. As well people should try send back an "I got it" note when getting messages.

  • Chronicler
  • Report -She has printed a few well-versed issues and will get them to Moira with the costs. The discussion on reprinting should be tabled until after we get final notice from the Canadian Government on the impound issue.

She would like to see a uniformity in publications that are considered "Northshield" publications. It was mentioned that when people do a booklet they should be told that as the Chronicler Ravenna will have the final say in the design and can reformat that design to better suit our needs if needed. This should be discussed on the Stallari list.

Currently there is a project happening to index laws and court reports. Etienne is helping with this. It was asked if Lewina has a master copy of the laws. Perhaps in the future Lewina can see if she can track where laws are currently in the process. Saeric mentioned that a "status of laws" section should be added to the seneschal report.

MoA&S - no report

  • Earl Marshall
  • Youth Combat - Julio is soliciting opinions for the youth marshal. This will be tabled for the next meeting.

  • Herald
  • Report - Richard currently has no application for his position. It will be re-posted extending the deadline.

12. Chirurgeon - no report

13. Next Meeting - Sunday June 10, 2001 at 9:00am, American Inn meeting room downstairs

Posted by: Elaine de Beauchamp Council Secretary (KLO) on 5/26/2001

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