Brigid ingen Maol-Mhichil and Aaron of Buckminster Brigid ingen Maol-Mhichil and Aaron of Buckminster

July Missive

Kingdom Chronicler

Volunteering for a kingdom office is a big task, and requires an increased level of organizational skill to help make sure that the job is getting done without sacrificing all “personal” time to play our game. To help make these officers’ jobs easier, please remember to use the official email aliases for communicating with them about kingdom business.

This helps in many ways:
1) Allows officers to set up any filtering or other email rules to help manage the influx of messages.
2) Keeps all the information in one place.
3) Provides historical background to incoming officers about issues or things that have already been addressed/solved.

This means that (at least for now) please resist the natural inclination to be helpful and do not tag the individual who holds a particular kingdom office in Facebook posts, send them PM/DMs, etc. to contact for official business. Instead, please use the kingdom email address to use to contact that officer or use the link to their office's webpage on the kingdom site.

To be clear, this is a request, not any sort of edict and you won't be intentionally ignored if you use the “wrong” method. Thank you for helping manage the workload of all the great volunteers who make this kingdom go!


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Posted by: Teffan Koerwent Kingdom Chronicler on 6/11/2019

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