Jacques Louis de Froi and Sorcha inghean Maille Jacques Louis de Froi and Sorcha inghean Maille

Minutes from 5/8/2010 - Spring Crown Tournament



Tom Tinntinnabulum

Tom Holliday

King of Northshield


Sigrid de la Mare

DeAnn L. Chojnacki

Queen of Northshield


Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson

Sam Swalley

Prince of Northshield


Anne Geoffreys of Warwick

Nancy Cuno-Schmitz

Princess of Northshield


David de Bohun

M. David Spies



Rodrigo de Montoya

Chris Lords



Gunther KegSlayer

Arthur Miller

Earl Marshal


Elashava bas Riva

Sue Gilbert



Anplica Fiore

Rachel Gray

Polaris Herald


Sorcha inghean Maille

Jonya Pacey

Incoming Minister of Arts & Sciences


Kenric Bjarnarson

Kenric Dana Malmberg



Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan

Ross Quinn-Davis

Law Clerk


Marwen de la Riviere

Gretchen Burnham

Council Secretary


Katriona ni Chonarain

Katherine Kretchmar

Emergency Backup Seneschal


I.    Status of Western Keep

A.    No contact with current seneschal for a year, despite significant efforts on the part of the Kingdom Seneschal

B.    Other officers have been reporting

C.    A new seneschal must be selected – David will work through the other officers to accomplish this.

D.    Until a new seneschal is selected, approved, and warranted, Western Keep is in suspension

II.    New Group Status Updates

A.    Orlova Dorlina – possibly promote to full status at their Midsummer event

B.    Other new groups are moving their processes forward

III.    Kingdom Events

A.    Seeking bids for Fall Coronation, Fall Crown, and 2011 Coronation & Crown events

B.    SUN – Discussion on status of bids.  Expecting communication on this from SUN Chancellor

C.    Discussion of options to get bids for kingdom events, as well as helping with publicity.  Would like a discussion of how this can be supported via policies.  Focus is on kingdom events other than Coronation and Crown (SUN, A&S, TOC, etc)

IV.    Next Meeting

A.    Next meeting will be held at Warriors & Warlords

Posted by: Marwen de la Rivere Council Secretary on 5/25/2010

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