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Minutes from 4/10/2010 - Spring Coronation



Tom Tinntinnabulum

Tom Holliday

King of Northshield


Sigrid de la Mare

DeAnn L. Chojnacki

Queen of Northshield




Prince of Northshield




Princess of Northshield


David de Bohun

M. David Spies



Rodrigo de Montoya

Chris Lords



Gunther KegSlayer

Arthur Miller

Earl Marshal


Elashava bas Riva

Sue Gilbert



Tarrach Alfson

David Horvath

Outgoing Minister of Arts & Sciences


Sorcha inghean Maille

Jonya Pacey

Incoming Minister of Arts & Sciences


Kenric Bjarnarson

Kenric Dana Malmberg



Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan

Ross Quinn-Davis

Law Clerk


Marwen de la Riviere

Gretchen Burnham

Council Secretary


Anplica Fiore

Rachel Gray

Incoming Polaris Herald


Katriona ni Chonarain

Katherine Kretchmar

Emergency Backup Seneschal


I.    Request for Approval of Emergency Deputy Exchequer

A.    Rodrigo has requested Master Etienne as Emergency Deputy

B.    Approved

II.    Turm am dem See funds

A.    Kingdom is holding funds from Lub Siochail

B.    Proposal: If Turm am dem See and Lub Siochail merge, the kingdom will return the original Lub Siochail funds back to the merged group, in the amount of $2368.77.

C.    Proposal approved

III.    Exchequer Policy Update

A.    All funds need to be listed in the Kingdom Financial Policy

B.    Current policy is that the kingdom will hold funds for a dormant group for two years, at which point the funds will revert to the kingdom general fund

C.    Travel fund policy – Currently reverts to general fund at the end of the reign unless the outgoing royalty chooses otherwise. Proposing a change to this policy – Rodrigo will email a specific proposal

D.    Request approval of $37.50 from General Fund for an exchequer stamp.  Approved

IV.    New Group Status

A.    Orlova Dolina

1.    Name is registered, device was returned.  Working on resubmitting

2.    Seneschal needs to verify the membership status of applicants

B.    Wynandremer

1.    Process is ongoing

C.    Blachemere

1.    Have changed officers, are reporting on schedule, have held successful events,

2.    Getting ready to submit application for advancement.

V.    Northstar Account

A.    Proposal to write off existing receivables, Approved

B.    Proposal to move outstanding subscriptions into liability, Approved

VI.    Nordleigh Status

A.    Official Name is “Canton of the Baronial Colleges of Nordleigh”

B.    Has traditionally been treated as a college, not a canton

C.    College group is currently dormant

D.    Interest within Nordskogen to expand the zip codes within Nordleigh and create a southern metro canton

E.    Currently at least 15 paid members interested

F.    Proposal:  Allow this change in focus, with the following provisions:

1.    Stability and activity over two reigns

2.    All officers will be deputies to Baronial officers as with a forming group

3.    Funding will run through the Barony of Nordskogen

4.    After the completion of two reigns, pursue the official zip code transfer and name change to “Canton of Nordleigh”

G.    Proposal Approved

VII.    Chronicler Update

A.    Tosten, Kit, and Eilis are working to incorporate the Marshall database into the Northshield website.

Posted by: Marwen de la Rivere Council Secretary (KLO) on 5/21/2010

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