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April 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetingsand Salutations,


Wehave completed our year end reporting! Please see the Balance and Income statements in this addition. 


Iwant to make mention of an issue that I’ve seen occur fairly frequently. Oftenthere seems to be a disconnect between the group Exchequer and the personcollecting preregistration/troll for a group’s event.  The issues I’ve seen are:  preregistration funds not making itimmediately to the Exchequer (these cannot be held, they must be depositedwithin 7 days just like event proceedings); the preregistration not being recorded on a ‘gate sheet’ makingdetermining how much was paid for site, NMS, feast, etc. near impossible; andeven using preregistration or troll funds to pay for expenses or give refunds(this is a HUGE ‘no no’)… all received payments must be deposited and anyexpenses or refunds must be issued via check. Please make a point to educate your deputies (which is what the peoplerunning troll or preregistration are) on the proper procedures with each event.  Also, I recommend if you don’t already have aguide for ‘troll’ you write one with guidelines and procedures and if you domake sure it addresses the previously mentioned issues.


AtGulf Wars, the Society Treasurer will do(did) a review of the Kingdom books asthis is required to happen at all levels within the Society.  If it’s been more than 2 years since yourgroup has had a review of the books or you’ve gone through an officer changefor Exchequer, we will be looking to do them for you as well.  If you are in the Central region pleasecontact Greta to establish a time/event to do this at.  For Eastern and Western region groups, I amfirst looking to get new regional Exchequer officers in place (see help wantedad) before starting these reviews so stay tuned.


Anotherreminder that I will need to be added to your bank account signatory cards, ifyou have not started this process yet, please contact your bank to determinethe steps necessary to get me added to the account(s).




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Posted by: Rodrigo de Montoya Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 3/29/2010

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