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Minutes from 12-10-00 - Boar's Head

Stallari Council Meeting Minutes, December 10, 2000

Meeting held at Rosebud Casino, (Post Boars Head)

At the University of Wisconsin, Waukesha Campus

In the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr

In attendance: HSH Saeric Scireham (Steve Traylor), Prince of Northshield, HSH Yasamin al-Hadiyya, (Stephanie Skaff), Princess of Northshield, HE Kenneth die Katze (Ken Balder), Lord Heir of Northshield, HE Leyla ibnat ash-Shamaal (Peg Blader), Lady Heir of Northshield, THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger), Seneschal, Lady Moira McVey (Mary Kay Roberts) Exchequer, Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Heng) Chirurgeon, THL Richard of Cumberland (Richard Darnell) Principality Herald, Lord Randall of Turm am dem Sea (Randy Mermuys) Principality Webminister


Due to last minute corrections received the minutes were not ready for review at this date. HSH Yasamin asked that they be forwarded to the GO list for approval in the next couple of days.

Old Business

Spring 2001 Coronet

HE Kenneth and HE Leyla have seen the site and stated that the group was happy to get the bid.

  • Inter-Kingdom events
  • Inter-Kingdom events should be bid as Principality events. THL Lewina has a copy of the bidding guidelines. HSH Yasamin said that at last meeting there was discussion on Armorgeddon being bid as a Principality event. Someone can alert them that if they want to be a Principality event, then for the time being, the Armorgeddon and Quest for Camelot groups can request being a Principality event by bidding.
  • THL Lewina would like Their Stellar Highnesses to review the document on how to do a Coronet / Investiture which was created by Baroness Daria Tayt (Susan Tatreaux) Deputy Principality Seneschal.
  • HSH Yasamin stated that if there are other sources for input on this subject we should review them.
  • Steering Committee
  • HSH Saeric said that per Lady Ysolt Pais du Cuer (Laura Graeme) Chairperson Kingdom Exploratory Group, she has asked Lord Owen Alun (Ben Tucker) to set up an email list for the Royalty, Seneschal and members of the committee.
  • HL Lewina said this is a good idea as we don't want people to fall through the loop.
  • HSH Saeric said that we want a variety of opinions but we also want people who play well with others.
  • HSH Yasamin stated that they have received few letters. HL Richard suggested a letter published on the Northshield Hall might get a better response.
  • Policies and Procedures
  • HL Lewina said that she would like this up to date. There then was discussion of whether policy is determined by Stallari, the Coronet or what. HL Lewina stated that she spoke with Maestra Arianna Llwyd (Marilee Lloyd) Kingdom Seneschal on this and it was determined that there can be a decision by the Coronet on advice of the Council
  • THL Richard said this is so that Kingdom has the right to state if it is a bad idea.
  • HSH Yasamin will get back to HL Lewina on this by Wednesday
  • Trust fund
  • HSH Saeric talked to those concerned about the trust fund. He said that the concern is that money could be seized in the event of a lawsuit. Lady Moira said that there is no way to protect it as we are part of the society. It's not Northshield money, its SCA money.
  • HSH Saeric also stated that per his discussions with others the concern is that if there is this large amount of money that is generating income out of raffles then the trust fund takes away a veto from the populace and gives Royalty, etc freedom to run with it.
  • It was also stated that the feeling is that the Principality budget should be about $25 - at most a couple hundred a year.
  • HE Leyla spoke to Maestra Margaret Malise (Melissa Vigil) on this regarding waterbearers etc. The concern is that people contribute money and it seems to disappear and the populace doesn't know where it goes. Lady Moira said that this is one of my goals, as people don't understand where the money goes and how it is used. HE Leyla said that the waterbearers get $100 a year towards Pennsic but the actual expense is $375.
  • HL Lewina said that when we become a Kingdom we will be the 4th largest Kingdom. The reason I bring this up is that we need to plan our financial needs similar to those of the Middle Kingdom.
  • HSH Saeric asked if the Principality yearly budget will be in the February Northwatch. Lady Moira said yes. HSH Yasamin asked if they could get to look at the letter.
  • HSH Saeric, HL Lewina and Lady Moira will meet during the Christmas holidays to discuss this further
  • Concussion Flyer, Heat Stroke, Injury pamphlet etc
  • Lady Tatiana stated that we need to discuss reimbursement for postage on this. Lady Ravenna would do the printing. HSH Yasamin asked if we have a pretty good guess for costs on this. Lady Tatiana said approximately $150 dollars. Lady Moira stated that in mailings she has done, even if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided, it doesn't increase the percentage of return. HL Lewina concurred. HSH Yasamin said then we don't need to do a SASE. Lady Tatiana moved to approve the appropriation for postage to a maximum of $150. Moved, seconded and approved. Lady Moira stated that this doesn't come out of Lady Ravenna's chroniclers fund but that it comes out of the general fund.

New Business

  • Coronet bid packet after revisions - A copy of HE Daria's bid instructions for Principality events was reviewed.
  • Tenure issue for lesser officers
  • HL Lewina stated that the Northshield law runs in parallel to Middle Kingdom law on this. HSH Yasamin said we would leave the Event Information Officer as a deputy and not a lesser officer. HSH Yasamin asked HL Lewina to draft the necessary law changes to make it a deputy as parallel to Kingdom. HL Lewina said that these two items would be an addition to the law.
  • VII-1500 (3) Lesser Offices may be established and administered at the discretion of the Coronet, either directly or under the jurisdiction of one of the Great Officers. All Lesser Officers of a Principality must be qualified for independent office under MidRealm By-Law V.C.2.b. The procedures for management of Lesser Officers are exactly parallel to those for Great Officers.
  • VII-1500 (4) Principality Lesser Officers. The membership requirements for Principality Lesser Officers and the duties assigned to them parallel those of their Principality superiors. They are responsible to their Principality superiors as well as to the Coronet, and are obligated to report regularly to both upon the Principality's development and activities and those of its component branches.
  • The Kingdom equivalent to the Principality Event Information Officer is the Kingdom Calendar. HSH Yasamin said that HL Lewina should check Kingdom law for this position and mirror ours to it.
  • HL Lewina said that that when the Principality has a lesser officer position, and when no one is applying for this open position, then we need to review the position. HSH Yasamin said let's put something in there (laws) like an extension can be approved by the coronet.
  • Pennsic Mayor
  • The previous mayors have declined to accept the position for this upcoming Pennsic. Lord Robert ap Rhys (Jon Larsen) is interested in being the mayor. Pennsic will be on-line by April, 2001.
  • Lady Tatiana suggested that that we discuss the money situation so that the mayor and the Principality exchequer are aware of what each other is doing so that funds are not double spent.
  • HE Leyla said that this is the reason that we discussed a temporary warrant for this position due to the handling of funds.
  • Lady Moira stated that the mayor doesn't need a warrant to handle money and that the pre-registrations, etc. have to be through the exchequers office.
  • Lady Tatiana said that we have to have everyone work together on this to coordinate things because one year we paid for 2 Grimm's tents and only one was used.

Their Highnesses

  • Coronet / investiture
  • HSH Yasamin said that we want to look at changing the dates for Coronet and Investiture as we no longer have to work around the dates another Principality has set. Of course, we will need to look to Kingdom for this. The earliest feasible date to institute and change would be spring 2002.
  • Lady Tatiana said that she wouldn't suggest moving it to May.
  • HSH Yasamin said let's move this discussion on-line to the GO list.

Lord and Lady Heirs


Deputy for Principality Events

  • The request for applications to fill this position has gone out in two Northwatches. Only 1 application has been received. HL Lewina said that basically the job is asking questions, via email, etc. and does not involve a lot of travel. Since we have bid process for Principality events in place now, I think we need this position in place also.
  • HL Lewina stated that the applicants concern is travel which not essential to the position.
  • HSH Yasamin said to put this on the GO list for discussion and then its ready for approval.
  • Fighters School
  • The autocrat for the event, Baroness Deirdre Wydeville (Carol Rondou) has offered space for a meeting of Stallari and a moot if needed
  • Baroness Marisela suggested that an evening meeting might be possible as there isn't a feast at this event.
  • HSH Yasamin and HE Leyla will discuss this further


  • HL Lewina reported that Lord Arnbjorn of Burning Stone (Wesley Adams) sent her his report via email. He discusses having a Newcomers Seminar at least once per year in each of three Northshield regions rather than one Principality wide event per year. He also stated that the first Central Northshield seminar was held last October in Vilku Urvas and was successful. The next scheduled event is in Midewinde on 4/21/2001.
  • HL Lewina restated that a lady in the Barony of Jararvellir has done a newcomers book. She said that any publication done through the Principality needs to get Kingdom approval. She still needs to hear from Kingdom on this publication but said that she was sure we'll get approval. She also stated that she wants to see that it is loaded on the web in several different formats which could be downloaded and then all that would have to be done is a personalized cover for the group.
  • HE Leyla suggested that this person not reinvent the wheel as there are so many other linking sources on the Middle Kingdom site. She suggested checking the Middle Kingdom links for what newcomer information is out there.

E-mail list

  • E-groups sometimes works and sometimes don't. HL Lewina stated that she wants to switch to the Northshield server. HSH Yasamin said that as this is just housekeeping HL Lewina should take care of it.
  • HL Lewina stated that a list would be given to Lord Owen of those people who should be allowed access, then HL Lewina would invite each person to join the list.
  • HSH Yasamin asked if there is a way to archive the information on the E-groups list. HL Lewina will ask Lord Owen.

Seneschal meeting at Boars Head.

  • HL Lewina said that the meeting went very well and that Maestra Arianna was there.
  • Per Arianna, the Middle Kingdom is excited about the increase in communication level from the Principality. The Middle knows Northshield will be a Kingdom, they just want to support Northshield to make sure all the details are worked out. They were thrilled about the steering committee.
  • Lady Moira expressed that the perception out there might be that the Middle doesn't want us to become a Kingdom. She said that maybe the Middle needs to state that they support us. HL Lewina asked if she could write a letter to this effect. HSH Yasamin said she would like Maestra Arianna to be invited to address the steering committee. HL Richard suggested that Maestra Arianna write a letter to Northshield that could be published in the Northwatch.



The last CD is done. The delay was due to the fact that Norwest lost the signature cards but the issue is resolved


Lady Giovanna has a list of a lot of regalia that needs to be repaired. Lady Moira gave her the okay to go ahead with the small things, but larger things are to be brought to the Stallari. HE Kenneth mentioned that his throne needs repair. Lady Moira said Giovanna wants to buy rubbermaid bins to store things in and Lady Moira would like to propose a budget for this. Also a permanent storage bin will cost around $75-$100 per month. If Lady Moira gets a contract she will give it to HL Lewina to sign. Moved, seconded and approved to give Lady Giovanna budget for the rubbermaid bin purchase.

3-month changeover

  • I'm going to put this out that any change is exchequers will take place over a 3 month period to give them time to learn the reports. She passed this by Lord Aidan A Blackstone (David Young) Kingdom Exchequer, who likes the idea but they both agree it is not enforceable.
  • There was general discussion on local group bylaws concerning this and it was decided that they can be stricter than the Kingdom or Principality but not less strict.
  • Lady Moira suggested putting this in policy and HSH Yasamin said to hash it out and report back.

Chronicler - HL Lewina reported on Lady Ravenna's behalf.

First class trial

  • HSH Yasamin restated the purpose of the trial for the Heirs
  • Lady Ravenna calculated the per issue cost at approximately 61 cents per issue with a profit to Northshield of $68.66 for the November issue.

Lord Randall (Randy Mermuys) Principality Webminister, discovered he didn't receive the minutes via email for the September Stallari meeting. Baroness Marisela will re-send them.

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Turm an dem See still wants to do an A&S event but no clear information is available at this time. HL Lewina will try to find out from HE Fiona.


No deputy was present at this meeting as he was knighted the day before at the event. (Sir Aubry Swyftwater)

Per HL Lewina there has been an update on the list recently regarding some changes to non-reporting groups.

Central Regional Armored Combat Marshal position has become open as a result of HE Kenneth winning coronet. Sir Aubrey Swyftwater has been placed as the acting marshal of which the Stallari approved. Kingdom will also have to approve.

Group marshal / Marshals not reporting by the 7th will be suspended for one month starting on the 15th of December. However, many reports may still be in transit.


No report


The reporting level has increased and the Domesday is done.

Althing notes

HSH Yasamin reviewed the Althing notes recently and the big thing that was discussed was the need for officer meetings. HL Richard said that the people you really need to hit are not the ones that show up. HSH Yasamin asked if we could make attendance mandatory as this would improve communications. Lady Moira said that we have a Principality table at event that we don't use for fund raising all the time. She suggested that the officer announce the time and sit at the table for consultation. Lady Moira said that if we set the Principality fund raising hours then the table can be used for something else the rest of the time. She also brought up that the Principality Seneschal used to take memberships at the Principality table. HL Lewina said that she is starting to do that. HSH Yasamin asked that the fund raisers coordinate the schedules for this. Lady Tatiana said that the fund raisers will set up the times when they will have the fund raising going. HSH Yasamin said that we need to get it set up who is there and when so that there is some kind of central coordination. She doesn't want 2 officers at one time and then no one later. Lady Moira will coordinate this with the fund raisers.

Next meeting

12th night Nordskogen. Lady Moira, Lady Tatiana, HL Lewina, and Baroness Marisela will meet at HL Lewina's to use a speaker phone for the meeting at 9 a.m. on the following Sunday.

The meeting after that is tentatively set for Fighters School.

Posted by: Elaine de Beauchamp Council Secretary (KLO) on 12/10/2000

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