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Greetings to all from John Bartholomew of Flanders, Kingdom DEM for Thrown Weapons...

As you read this, the summer will have ended, and we will all be moving into preparations for the winter. I do hope that folks will keep throwing, and for those who are fortunate enough to have indoor sites for throwing, now is a good time to make sure arrangements are all in place.

I am pleased to annouce that the new Regional TW Deputy for Eastern Northshield (wisconsin) is Lord Charles Maewyn McLaughlin. Maewyn is an old hand at TW - he’s been throwing for years, and he’s won more than one Northshield TW Championship in his time! I am pleased to have him aboard, and encourage TW Marshals and MITs in his Region to seek him out for help. (His contact information is listed at the back of the Northwatch and on the Northshield TW web page.)

In addition, applications for the next Kingdom TW officer are (were) due September 30th. (If you are reading this before Sept 30th and still want to apply, check past issues of the Northwatch for more information, or contact myself or the Earl Marshal.) I expect to announce my successor sometime during the month of October, as well as in the Northwatch as soon as feasible thereafter.

We now have several Group Marshals-In-Training (GMITs) for Thrown Weapons in Northshield. While normally MITs cannot run practices by themselves, we do allow GMITs in cases where there is stong interest, and no ability to get help from a nearby warranted TW Marshal. If your group also has strong interest in having Thrown Weapons, but no marshal nearby, please contact me and we can discuss whether GMIt might be an option for your group.

For Marshals and MITs, I have several items:
  1. Read the Earl Marshal’s Letter – each issue, marshals and MITs should check the Northwatch for letters from their Kingdom superiors. For TW, that would be this letter AND the Earl Marshal’s letter. There are often important general announcements that can impact TW in those letters, so be sure to check them!
  2. Event reports are due to the Regionals and myself within 2 weeks of the event. You must use the forms provided in the Marshal’s Admin Handbook, and you must send the information via mail – do NOT use the Online Reporting Form. You must send an Event Report even if there are no problems at the event.

    We see many events that show up in the marshal reports which we do not have Event Reports for. This should not be happening, and we will be tracking down marshals who fail to file Event Reports on time. For those of you who know of events you’ve failed to report on this year, send them in, even if you don’t have all the forms, fill in what you can.
  3. By now, if you are an MIT, you should know who your Sponsoring Marshal is, and have discussed with them your training program. If this is not the cae contact me and your Regional ASAP.
  4. All MITs are required to take a class on Marshalling. We will be working to offer this class over the winter at least once in each Region, so that MITs can still move forward over the winter months. If you have questions about this, contact myself or your Regional.
  5. All TW Marshals and MITs must file a Domesday report. This report will be due December 1. This may not seem far off, but trust me, it will be here soon enough. As before, you can use the online form, or send us direct email or post.
Wishing everyone a lovely and prosperous autumn, I remain,

Other missives from the Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal (KLO)
Posted by: John Bartholomew of Flanders Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal (KLO) on 10/1/2005

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