Katlin Laurana Sewall and the Boar's Head (2007) Katlin Laurana Sewall and the Boar's Head (2007)

Please claim your scroll!

Could the following people(or people to accept for them), please
contact me.  I have scrolls for you! 

Fritz Schott
Gretchen Ingalls
Tiffany the Waterbearer
Liliana de Lacy
Klienar Dracon
Lachlan MacLaine
Robert the Mace
Gavin RuairĂ­ Colquhoun
Guinevere Aloisia
Mariana del Rio
Lazarus Gauge
Duncan McThorne
Helena Vogel
Amanda of Falcon's Gate
Marisela the Vintner
Halfdan Lac Beard
Marcus Letheral Siggurdsson
Hrothgar the Lucky
Aleid van Groninge
Daithi of Wulfhomm
Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth
Lady Kaia
Ragar Ravinsfriend
Einar Raggnarson
Siglen of Jararvellir
Henry of Bexley

Posted by: Svanhildr Farbjornsdottir called Svanna on 3/1/2010

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