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February Missive

Greetings to all of Northshield.

I am the NS Minister of Youth, THL Amytis de la Fontaine. I have held this position for about two years now. I have waited to reach out until other weightier matters had been resolved. I have watched to see how members have interpreted and followed through on the Youth Policies. I have watched to see where issues or problems seem to be occurring with the understanding of Youth Policies, the handling of Youth Policies, and the handling of our Youth at events.

After consulting with the Kingdom Seneschal, with us both going through the SCA Seneschal HB area(s) that give direction to Youth Policies and comparing them to what I have seen practiced and used around NS (and also taking into account issues, questions, etc., that gentles have asked me), Ealdred of Malmesbury and I are looking at making the policies and directions clearer for everyone.

One big issue is warranting of MOY’s. While the forms are available online in the Youth area of NS website, it was hard to read through everything and try to figure out who to send the forms to. So this will be the procedure. We will be writing up directions that will be easier to understand on the website.

Warranting steps:
1. Download the 2 forms for background and credit check.
2. Fill them out, preferably as a pdf.
3. Email me the forms, who you are, what area/shire/barony you are with, and why you want to do MOY, any experience you have had with children, etc.
4. Then you get to wait.
5. I will then forward the background forms to the Kingdom Seneschal
6. The Kingdom Seneschal will send the background forms to Society.
7. When the background checks come back, we will contact you to let you know if you were approved or not. I believe you also will receive information from Corpora as well.
8. Until the background check comes back YOU ARE NOT APPROVED to be a MOY.

If you don’t have access to a computer to do the above, I recommend contacting your Seneschal to see if they can help you send it in. This is different from what we have been doing  but it is actually what Kingdom policy says.

Ealdred of Malmesbury and I will be setting up a document to keep track of submissions and where they are in the process.

BACKGROUND CHECKS MUST BE DONE EVERY TWO (2) YEARS. Please do not wait until it is expiring to renew your warrent. Instead, send in your background check request two to three months before the end date of your previous check to make sure there is little to no disruption to your office. My background check is coming up. I will not be waiting until the month it says it is over. I will be sending it in two to three months before the end date of my previous background check to make sure there is little or no disruption of my being able to fulfill my office.


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Posted by: Amytis de la Fontaine Kingdom Youth Officer (KLO) on 1/14/2019

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