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Minutes from 11-12-00 - Northshield Coronet

Stallari Council Meeting Minutes, November 12, 2000

Meeting held at Rosebud Casino, Post Coronet

In the Shire of Coldedernhale

Attendance: HSH Saeric Scireham (Steve Traylor), Prince of Northshield, HSH Yasamin al-Hadiyya, (Stephanie Skaff), Princess of Northshield, HE Kenneth die Katze (Ken Blader), Lord Heir of Northshield, HE Leyla ibnat ash-Shamaal (Peg Blader), Lady Heir of Northshield, THL Lewina of Sussex (Lauretta Wenger), Principality Seneschal, Lady Moira McVey (Mary Kay Roberts) Principality Exchequer, THL Julio Gava'n, James Kruse, Principality Earl Marshal, Lady Tatiana Marana Melville (Tonia Heng) Principality Chirurgeon, HE Fiona nic Aoidh (Lorine Horvath) Principality MoA/S, Lady Ravenna ingn A'eda (Robyn Quandt) Principality Chronicler, and Randall of Turm am dem Sea (Randy Mermuys), Principality Webminister.

Minutes taken by Baroness Marisela the Vintner (Barbara White-Coenen), Stallari Council Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m.

  • Minutes from the September 9, 2000
  • Approved
  • Old Business
  • Fall Coronet Bid
  • HSH Yasamin stated that there is only one bid in for Fall Coronet and that is from the Barony of Jararvellir. She feels that we should go with it. She said that if there are any other bids we should discuss it on the GO list. The deadline was the 15th.
  • Principality Event Proposal
  • HL Lewina needs an answer from everyone on this and will put it on the GO list for discussion. The deadline is two weeks from today. Silence is considered as acceptance of the proposal.
  • Steering Committee
  • HL Lewina stated that there are no changes and that an announcement was made in court yesterday regarding the committee.
  • Food Handlers
  • HL Lewina that she is in the data collection process on this.
  • Inter-kingdom events
  • HL Lewina stated that at the last meeting we talked about negotiating inter-kingdom events. The Seneschal was directed to participate in negotiations. Maestra Arianna Llwyd (Marilee Lloyd) Kingdom Seneschal said she will talk about it in the future and that they are still gathering information. We want to make sure that Northshield is part of the negotiation process if the event takes place in Northshield. This is for fighting and funds. THL Julio said that the funding is an issue because if money is taken from the local group they could lose a part of their income. HE Fiona stated that whether they lose money is an open question as it is assumed that the event would be bigger and generate more income. THL Julio said this issue came up with Armorgeddon. HSH Yasamin said that something needs to be done for Armorgeddon one way or another. THL Julio/HE Fiona both stated that Border Downs wants help on this event. HSH Yasamin said something needs to be done to help them. She suggested that a suggestion be made to them to make it a Principality level event as we now have the framework in place on how to do that. HE Fiona said that a request for Camelot to be made a Principality Event was also made. HL Lewina stated that they would have to send in a bid requesting this based on what the Stallari decided at the last meeting. HL Lewina stated that this event proposal was not read into court and as this is a policy I'll have to run it by curia and then we can put it in place. HE Fiona thought it was brought up in court last night. Lady Moira said that the entire thing wasn't read into court. HSH Yasamin said she will discuss this with HE Tristan and HE Eilika on what was read into court. HSH Yasamin asked that further discussion of this go onto the GO list. Lady Moira asked if we can then take the coronet bid proposal guidelines and apply them to all principality events. HSH Yasamin agreed to this. HL Lewina stated that we need to publish things into the Northwatch anytime we make changes.
  • New Business
  • Trust Fund
  • HSH Yasamin said that leaving aside the logistics of where the money goes, is there opposition to raising funds to generate regular income? HSH Saeric that he wanted a certain level of return on investment and that we could go with mutual funds but due to the Society Exchequers ruling he is inclined to go with money markets or more secure CD's. Lady Moira said Kingdom will not let us open another bank account. She said that she proposed on the list that the liquid assets go to a money market account and that by keeping the checking account low, when we get enough money we could put it in a CD. What we need to do is keep liquid. HSH Yasamin said that for the moment putting stuff to the savings account makes sense. Lady Moira said that one of the points of resistance on this process is due to the slate of officers changing so often and the need to get new signature cards each time that makes this difficult. HSH Yasamin verified that Lady Moira is in the process of doing this.
  • HE Fiona said that there is opposition to the trust fund and she would encourage Their Stellar Highness to talk people on the reasons for opposition. HSH Saeric said that we'd still like to kick this off at Boars Head with an announcement is court. As there is concern on how it will be presented, we will prepare the text and bounce it off you for suggestions.
  • HL Lewina stated that Curia is very concerned and suggested we might want a populace moot to get input. The hall is sometimes only the most vocal people and not necessarily the masses. People want to know what is going on. Maybe we can use the hall for input.
  • Lady Moira said one of the perceptions is that we don't need money. What I'd like to do is publish what the Middle Kingdoms operating budget is. I'd like to do an article in the Northwatch on this as in "What is needed to survive". This would be to show that we are not spending excessively and to show what a kingdom needs to survive. HSH Yasamin suggested talking to another kingdom of similar size. Lady Moira said that per the Society Exchequer, there are several new kingdoms having financial difficulties and she will not accept another kingdom in the same state. HSH Saeric said that he agreed that any information we can send out from any of the officers will be helpful. Lady Moira will try to have the article for the January Northwatch.
  • Lady Ravenna asked if we could publish something that will show our projected income. Lady Moira stated that some budget items are set. Officer expenses are officer expenses you'll always have things like travel, phones, etc.
  • HSH Saeric said that he was personally resistant to going the route of a populace moot. He said that he feels the trust fund needs to be more than just the next funding raising event.
  • HSH Yasamin said that we need to state, this is what we have, this is what we need, and this is what is inadequate. Lady Moira said she would like to know the reason for the anti-trust movement. HL Lewina said that we might want to put something on GO regarding the trust fund. HSH Saeric said that he will try to see what the opposition is but we want to have people start sending money in as of Boars Head.
  • HL Lewina suggested doing presenting a token similar to the way foundations do it $25 = token, $50 = something else. HSH Yasamin said put something in the Northwatch. HL Lewina said we want to avoid the pay to play theory and suggests occasional publication in the Northwatch. Lady Moira said that somebody somewhere is going to feel that someone is buying recognition or buying an award. HSH Saeric said that someone is always going to take it wrong.
  • Fall coronet
  • HSH Yasamin asked if we need to set a deadline for accepting bids. HL Lewina read the rules per policy and that there isn't a deadline date. HSH Saeric said that we want fall coronet bids dead lined by last day in March, the 31st . HL Lewina said that we want to be able to hand the bid to the new heirs.
  • It was read into court that members of the Eisenwache can title themselves as a Protector of Northshield.
  • Their Stellar Highnesses
  • HSH Saeric- noted that the laws on the internet site are not up to date. HE Fiona asked if any have been published in the Northwatch. It was discussed that any law changes have to be published in the Northwatch before they can be placed onto the website. Lady Moira then said that we have to get it to HE Daria Tayt, Deputy Seneschal (Susan Tatreaux).
  • Lord and Lady Heir
  • HE Leyla asked about regalia as they need hatboxes for their coronets. HE Fiona said this was asked for but nobody volunteered to make them. HE Leyla asked how to authorize payment for materials. HE Fiona stated that additions to regalia need to be done as a bid. HSH Yasamin stated that we have 2 hats and kingdom is getting us two more. HE Fiona said often 2 crowns will fit in each box. HSH Saeric said that we can create with the Heirs a wish list for regalia. Lady Moira stated that there is no budget for regalia just regalia repair.
  • Seneschal
  • HL Lewina stated that she is still waiting for responses on the uncompleted projects list from some people. These are projects that were mentioned in previous minutes and that either need to be completed or we need to note that they are completed.
  • Tenure of office
  • A discussion was held regarding the position of Northshield Event Information Officer. HL Lewina stated that she thinks we need to look at term limits for this position. HSH Yasamin stated that she liked the consistency. HL Lewina said she would like to see a deputy who eventually will take it over. HSH Saeric stated that he thought he had a policy on term limits for end of office on lesser officers. Lady Tatiana stated yes for all lesser officers but not this position. HSH Yasamin asked if we can we set up term limits.
  • Minister of Children
  • HL Lewina said the only application received has been open since June. She would like to set up a deadline for this. She also asked for discussion on the GO list for any questions for the applicant with an aim to have her step up at Boars Head. HSH Yasamin asked that everyone look over the application and get questions to HL Lewina by next week. Lady Tatiana stated that she would like to see her references. HL Lewina stated that any questions were to get to her by next Wednesday. HSH Yasamin asked that we check her references. HL Lewina said she would and then we'll set up a deadline.
  • HL Lewina has received an application for the Deputy Seneschal for Althing. HSH Yasamin said email it so we can all see it but as it's a deputy of the seneschal it is HL Lewina's decision.
  • Change of Office
  • Change of office procedures were given to everyone for review. HSH Yasamin said that tenure should be built into this. If already established we should reiterate it in this policy. She then asked HL Lewina what she needed from them? HL Lewina said I want people's opinions then I'll have to pass it by kingdom. HSH Yasamin set a deadline of 1 week for everyone to get back to Lewina with comments and 2 weeks to include Kingdom's comments.
  • Exchequer
  • Regalia
  • The database is done but needs some work. She would like a definition of what is regalia and what is a personal gift. She said that we need to make a provision on how to dispose of gifts that we don't want to keep as regalia. i.e. potpourri. HSH Saeric suggested trading ours with another kingdom. Lady Moira there is so much that it could be just given as gifts. Lady Moira said some of it I can retire as regalia and that upcoming royals need to understand what is a gift and what is regalia. HE Fiona stated that the back of the heralds book has a form for this. HSH Yasamin stated that that she had never seen it. Lady Moira we need to know what is regalia so that we know the care and feeding of it, how to repair it, how to retire it. HSH Yasamin likes the postcard solution where a postcard is filled out with each presentation with the instructions on how to care for it, etc. HE Fiona recommended that Their Highnesses personal herald or chamberlain get a copy of the herald form. HL Lewina expressed concern as the chamberlain / minister of regalia isn't always at an event and that's why a postcard is a good thing. Lady Moira said she would like us to look into a storage unit with a year contract near the minister with an option for month to month. Moved, seconded and approved.
  • Royalty books
  • Lady Moira spent $16 to update the handbooks for the Royalty. She asked that she be reimbursed. Moved, seconded and approved.
  • HL Lewina stated that she has page of which exchequers have / have not reported. HSH Yasamin stated that everyone should look at this.
  • Griffins Gate
  • Lady Moira said that while technically this is not a regalia problem, we need someone to take charge of tarps, ropes, shower supplies for the encampment. We've had to buy this twice as they were accounted for. HSH Yasamin suggested putting this in the storage unit. HSH Saeric said that we have had a mayor and royal engineer for this but the new ones haven't been decided on yet. General discussion continued on how to handle this and then HSH Saeric said this is all part of the mayor's duties. HSH Yasamin stated that the person that filled in at war this year did an admirable job.
  • Fund Raiser Position
  • HSH Yasamin said that regarding Lady Tarja's request to step down as a Principality fundraiser, do we need to vote on her replacement. Lady Moira said no as this is a deputy of the exchequers and that the new fundraiser should step up at Boars Head. Discussion on whether this should be done in court and it was decided it was up to Lady Moira
  • Non-profit grants
  • Lady Moira said there are several grants out there for non-profit groups and she would like to see what is out there for us.
  • Chirurgeon
  • She stated that her emergency deputy is Lord Otto from Caer Anterth Mawr.
  • Booklet on Head Injuries
  • Lady Margalit Medicus (Jamie Feldman, MD) from the Barony of Jararvellir would like to do a booklet on head injuries to distribute to all marshals and appropriate others. Lady Margalit is a medical doctor. Lady Tatiana would like her to be reimbursed for stamps. Lady Margalit also wants to do a heat injury pamphlet and a study on rapier injuries. HSH Yasamin asked if we can we give her a go ahead. Lady Tatiana said that we need to vote on this as we are requesting funds. HSH Saeric asked how many is she planning to send. Lady Moira said that we need to look at it money wise and then funds should come out of general fund. Lady Tatiana will discuss with further with Lady Margaret.
  • Waterbearers Guild
  • The number of volunteers has decreased dramatically since the formation of the guild. Due to this Missy, Mistress Margaret Malise (Missy Vigil) has made the guild less formal. She has been providing pickles, etc. The low-keyed approached appears to have increased the number of volunteers. HSH Saeric said that one of the things he will recommend to Their Heirs is to gear up support staff for WW and Pennsic. One reason is that Pennsic has qualifications for waterbearing due to them entering the woods at Pennsic. You need to let people know that there are no qualifications to be waterbearer. Lady Tatiana mentioned that Missy pays for a lot of these supplies herself. HE Leyla stated that with regards to Pennsic waterbearers, Northshield is known as non-partisan group that supplies water, etc. to non-Northshield people. She asked if we would be willing to set a budget for this and said that she's personally put money into this. HSH Yasamin asked if we could table this for further discussion. HE Fiona said that we need to keep this in mind for Shattentor.
  • Marshal
  • Equestrian
  • Viscountess Kassandra will be stepping down as head of the equestrian activities in court at Boars Head.
  • Rapier Masks
  • They are testing masks now and would like to have one mask testing device per region.
  • Injuries
  • Lady Tatiana stated that there was one injury at coronet, a broken finger.
  • Youth combat
  • It's going surprisingly slow and I'm not sure what we need to do to help us along. HSH Yasamin said lets take this to the GO list and get some ideas. HL Julio said that one problem is a total lack of gear and no gear to lend out for this. The cost to purchase some is dependent on whether we buy it new or used. HSH Yasamin asked if he is looking for money for this. HE Fiona suggested talking to HE Tarrach on this. THL Julio said that he is looking into options on this and will bring it up at Boars Head.
  • MoA/S -
  • Deputies
  • Some interests on being deputies but applicants seem to have something different in mind for the job than what she is looking for. She will keep working on this.
  • A&S
  • She said that we might need to do a "What do you want to do in A & S in Northshield?" and that maybe she'll do it as a letter in the next Northwatch. HSH Saeric suggested that at the next A&S we should ask about this.
  • Duties of the Office
  • HE Fiona stated that she wants something to do as there is only one event held that is directed by the office and that she can't do education as this is another area. She said that she feels a great officer should have more to do than this. HSH Yasamin suggested discussing this more on the GO list. HSH Yasamin stated that the issue of A&S and education is a whole can of worms and that we should discuss it more on the GO list.
  • Chronicler
  • Risograph & First Class
  • Things are going smoothly and the risograph is working great. She said that at the next meeting she would bring costs in from the first class postage testing so that we can review how well it is working.
  • Directories
  • She said that she talked to Lady Aldianna (Former Webminister) yesterday and she will design a Northshield directory to be competed in January. HSH Yasamin asked it we should leave it with her for now. General agreement not to change things. Lady Moira asked that as this is a fundraiser, should it go through the fundraisers or chroniclers office. It was agreed that it should run through the fundraisers. Lady Ravenna asked if there were any ideas on how to handle reprints, as these are more expensive. Lady Moira suggested look at the total number of directories printed each year and up the initial print by 50%.
  • Web
  • Things are going well. Lady Moira said that the new Minister of Regalia, Lady Giovanni and she were working to put the Northshield regalia on the website including the wish list. HSH Saeric suggested that the MoA/S work with regalia on this. HSH Yasamin asked if they were doing a major redesign to the Northshield webpage. Lord Randall stated that he would just do a minor a re-design such as doing some structural changes to make it easier to work on. Lady Ravenna said they were thinking of putting one-page webs together for groups that don't have pages. Lady Moira suggested that one-page webs should include directions.
  • HL Lewina that a person in Madison had put together a newcomers handbook and that in order to be published it has to go through kingdom. She said that she is trying to put together approval on this and then put it in .pdf format. We could then move it onto the web. Lord Randal requested from Their Highnesses a listing of their champions.
  • Herald (as reported by HL Lewina)
  • Clerk of Precedence
  • There are 3 applicants for the office, Lord Etienne de Clermont, Aldiana Dragonetti, Lord Gevehard von Baden.
  • His end of term
  • HL Richard asked to extend his warrant 3 months. He stated that due to the fact that the period of time he is supposed to set down is very labor intensive for the herald, he would like to get through WW etc before a replacement would step up. HSH Saeric and HSH Yasamin agreed to the extension.
  • Next meeting
  • Boars Head on Sunday. Preferred time for HSH Yasamin is 9 a.m. unless the agenda items indicate otherwise. HSH Yasamin said to make sure to get the agenda items to HL Lewina by the week before the meeting and that if not given to her by then, it won't be on the agenda.

Posted by: Elaine de Beauchamp Council Secretary (KLO) on 11/12/2000

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