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Greetings to all from Eliane,

I know from the persistent pace of inquiry e-mails that come to me off of the Northshield webpage, as well as the bounty of demos many groups have held this summer, that Northshield groups have a lot of new folks recently. How are you going to introduce them to the SCA? Have you thought of:

Offering a ride to Coronation or Crown, where they can see some of the pageantry and terrific fighting that Northshield is known for?

  • Hosting a garb day at your home, even if you don’t sew, just to provide a space for people to work on their first garb?
  • Gathering up the bits and ends of feast gear you have in your home, and giving them to new people?
  • Calling up that person that e-mailed you back in the spring, but hasn’t been heard from since, and telling them about the next fun activity coming up in your group?
  • Sitting with the local newbie at their first Court, so you can answer questions?

These are just a few of the things you can do to help a new person feel included, and gain the information and paraphernalia to join in on activities. You don’t have to be a Chatelaine to do them. It is a good deed, and worthy of our noble natures as SCA members, to make people feel included in your group, and give them some part of the joy you’ve received from this organization.

So...what are YOU going to do for your local newbies this season?

Yours in song and service,

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Posted by: Eliane Halevy Kingdom Chatelaine (KLO) on 9/1/2005

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