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E-mail Stallari Council minutes, June 1 – August 31, 2018

E-mail Stallari Council minutes, June 1 – August 31, 2018

Chancellor of the Exchequer Dyonisia Buleheued hadseveral issues discussed during this time period.  The council is assisting her in bringing theKingdom of Northshield into complete compliance with Society law. Ongoingdiscussions include:

  • Exchequer staffing issues including deputiesand lesser officers, the difference between the offices, and how to add newposts to the staff.

  • The need for a yearly budget, what needs tobe on it, and wording.  Discussions arescheduled for Coronation and the Stallari meeting following it, with a goal ofhaving a budget published for the kingdom by 2019.

  • Saving accounts:  how many, how invested.

  • Ongoing branch exchequer book reviews and theresults.

  • The use of PayPal as a payment option forevents.

  • The allotment of funds for baronial polls forNordskogen and Jaraveller out of the general fund.


Discussions that have been completed are as follows:

  • The members of the Kingdom’s financialcommittee was clarified as per law as:

    "V. KINGDOM FINANCIAL COMMITTEE AND POLICY:  Financial Committee Membership:  All financial decisions are theresponsibility of the Kingdom Financial Committee. This committee consists ofThe Royal Family and the Stallari Council; the Stallari Council consists ofthose officers as defined in Kingdom Law, and the terms of membership on theFinancial Committee run concurrent with their terms in office."

  • Achange to the Kingdom’s financial policy was discussed and passed by vote asfollows:

    Formerlaw regarding event admission:

    The Kingdom ofNorthshield has no policies or requirements regarding event admission chargesor complimentary passes.

    Newlaw for Event Admission. 

    Any Person orPosition ( i.e. Society A&S minister, event steward, Royals) who is expected to be comp'd (complimentary pass to notpay gate and/or feast fee) to an event must be noted in either Group FinancialPolicy or that Event’s Budget.


Theshire of Orlova Dolina was awarded the bid for Fall Crown to be held October 13,2018.


Theshire of Coldedernhale was granted permission to use the second weekend inDecember for an event.


MaesterEaldred of Malmesbury will be inducted as the Kingdom Seneschal at FallCoronation on September 8, 2018.


DukeSiegfried von Kulmbach was approved as the new kingdom armored combat marshaland took over the office.


A callfor applicants for the position of deputy society marshal for youth combat wasissued.  The deputy serves as the subjectmatter specialist and adviser to the Society Marshal for the disciplines ofYouth Armored Combat and Youth Rapier Combat.


Discussionwas held regarding the timing of the release of the Crown Tourney list and ofits confidentiality policy.  The Councilvoted to add to Kingdom Law III-1100 the following:

Noofficer or member of the populace, except the Kingdom Seneschal, will benotified of the Crown list until the deadline of letters of intent has beenreached and Royals have made the final determination.   At least two weeks before Crown Tournament,the Presiding Royalty shall provide Minister of Tournaments a final list of allcombatants in the Crown Tournament.


Thenext Stallari Council meeting will be the day after Fall Coronation, September9, at TRHs Vladimir and Petranella’s home. It was requested the council members submit a list of discussion topicsbefore Coronation.


Submittedby Berenice Calvina, Council Secretary

Posted by: Berenice Calvina Council Secretary (KLO) on 9/7/2018

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