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Minutes from 9-09 - E-List Compiled


Request for use of 2nd Weekend of February for the Shire of Midewinde’s Une Fete d’Amour event. Approved.


Addition of “Order of the Venerable Griffon” to occur at Coronation, done by TRM Stephen & Ailleanne.  Question: Is this a substantive law change requiring a commentary period and publication?  Decision – Yes – this is a substantive law change that requires publication, etc.  Published in November Northwatch.

X-1175 Order of the Venerable Griffon

There shall be in Northshield an Order into which the Crown may enter those who have had at least 25 years of continuous authorization and activity in armored combat. Members of this Order may style themselves “Venerable Griffons.”


Request for opinion – allow another event to be scheduled opposite a “kingdom” event, if that event is not on the 2nd weekend?  Per David, the existing policies are sufficient.  In the case of SUN and Rythym & Bruise in November 09, it is not the 2nd weekend, and they are outside of the 150 mile radius – both events can move ahead

Posted by: Marwen de la Rivere Council Secretary (KLO) on 1/23/2010

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