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Minutes from 1/9/2010 - Nordskogen 12th Night



Siegfried von Kulmbach

Chris Kalmbach

King of Northshield


Elizabeth von Kulmbach

Elizabeth Kalmbach

Queen of Northshield


Tom Tinntinnabulum

Tom Holliday

Prince of Northshield


Sigrid de la Mare

DeAnn L. Chojnacki

Princess of Northshield


David de Bohun

M. David Spies



Greta Rahikkainen

Gayle Bitker

Outgoing Exchequer


Gunther Kegslayer

Arthur Miller

Earl Marshal


Elashava bas Riva

Sue Gilbert



Tarrach Alfson

David Horvath

Minister of Arts & Sciences


Merideth niShionniach

Meridith Guilford

Polaris Herald


Kenric Bjarnarson

Kenric Dana Malmberg



Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan

Ross Quinn-Davis

Law Clerk


Marwen de la Riviere

Gretchen Burnham

Council Secretary


Rodrigo de Montoya

Chris Lords

Incoming Exchequer


Anplica Fiore

Rachel Gray

Incoming Polaris Herald


Katriona ni Chonarain

Katherine Kretchmar

Emergency Backup Seneschal


I.          Potential Law Change regarding Kingdom Great Officers competing in Crown Tournament

A.            Law currently prohibits Great Officers from competing in Crown

B.            Proposed change would allow Great Officers to compete if they have a “contingency” successor identified who has been approved by the Crown and by the Society superior

C.            Possible addendum suggested clarifying the transition if the Great Officer wins Crown Tourney.  Either the Great Office is turned over automatically at the conclusion of the tournament, or the Great Officer must resign the office prior to being invested as Prince/Princess

D.            Possible addendum suggested specifically for the office of Knight’s Earl Marshal,stipulating that the KEM must resign their office prior to competing in Crown Tourney, as the oversight of the tourney is within their purview.  Discussion included whether the KEM could cede oversight to a different marshal in order to compete, without resigning the office

E.            This is a substantive law change requiring a comment period. Pending the comment period, Their Majesties and Their Highnesses would like to enact this law prior to Spring 2010 Crown Tournament


II.         Creation of Awards for Groups

A.            One group martial award to be used across martial disciplines

B.            One award forgroup service

C.            One award forgroup A&S

D.            Currently working on heraldry

E.            Suggestion to write into law initially to be heraldry-agnostic

F.            Will require acomment period for the law change

G.           Their Majesties are working toward naming premiers at Spring Coronation

III.        Youth Combat Policy (Included K.E.M. Sir Gunther via telephone)

A.           Their Majesties are working with the K.E.M and Youth Minister to adjust the previously enacted Youth Combat policy, including re-examination of previous policies

B.           Legal research regarding youth participation is conducted by SCA, Inc. corporate lawyers


IV.        Spring 2010 Coronation Site Selection

A.            Received 3 bids:

1.             Caer Anterth Mawr

2.             Shattered Oak

3.             Wyndandremer

B.            Seneschal will communicate with all three submitting groups

C.            Possibly request Shattered Oak and Wyndandremer to consider bidding for Fall Coronation

D.            Caer Anterth Mawr bid is selected


V.          Minister of Arts and Sciences – Officer Selection

A.            Three candidates

1.             Berengaria

2.             Eithni

3.             Sorcha

B.            Sorcha’s application is accepted


VI.        Bardic Fundraiser

A.           Currently theBardic CD is being produced in small production runs.  Would like to consider a bigger production run and sales push 

B.           Rodrigo is to investigate and bring information back to the Stallari Council, including information on what Kingdom funds for which the bardic fundraiser may have been designated


VII.       Martial Rulesfor Combat Archery

A.            Fiberglass arrows are in an experimental phase for the kingdom

Posted by: Marwen de la Rivere Council Secretary (KLO) on 1/26/2010

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